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I discovered Opensim around 2013 and have loved it ever since because it really encourages personal creativity.

Joined 4 years ago

About Myself

Not much to say, really. I discovered Opensim a long time ago and tried a few of the early versions, then joined Openworld and learned to build.
I had been a member of SL but found it too much like the "Wild West", so did a little bit of building and clothes making there and then came back to Opensim.

My Interests

I'm interested in building and exploring.

Music I Like

Very eclectic taste in music - everything from opera/classical to heavy rock. If I had to choose one genre, I think it would be Northern Soul.

Films I Like

I have limited taste of films. Action and Sci Fi would probably be my films of choice.

Books I Like

Can't read, I'm an avatar

My Heroes

Never set anyone on a pedestal - they will always fall off.

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Various computers and servers

My Regions

uzurivirtual.zapto.org:8002:Seasonal 0 Users
Seasonal Guest Sim - Isis Ophelia's Winter. A desolate village in the throws of winter snow. Fun to explore from the comfort of your own home. We do not use fake (afk) avatars or NPCs to inflate our visitor listing. Avatars here will always have a person behind the keyboard.
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Bernicia Prime
uzurivirtual.zapto.org:8002:Bernicia Prime 0 Users
Ever want to just go shopping for a new avatar but don't want to trail through a huge mall or rambling sim to find what you want? Bernicia's Quick Shopping Area might be just what you want, with clothing and full avatars for the most popular bodies in Opensim. Athena, Athena Petite, Adonis, Ruth2, R...
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Uzuri Virtual
uzurivirtual.zapto.org:8002:Uzuri Virtual 0 Users
Uzuri Region is a 4x4 Region (16 contiguous sims) with lots to explore. In general it is "safe-for-work". Large collection of Selea Core, Ruth2, Roth2 and other freebies. Home of Synclair Designs (Authorised SL Imports for Ruth2 and also compatible with Athena). Parks, beaches and wild, lost v...
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Uzuri Adult Store has been re-located to the Quick Shopping Area.

HanHeld: I was looking for that when I was there a few days ago -I'll need to visit again. Thanks for the head's up! :) 1 month ago

We are back!

We've been closed for a few weeks but now we're back with quick shopping for avatars.

We are partnered with


which is also back.

New Welcome and Quick Shopping Area for Bernicia World.

Ever want to just go shopping for a new avatar but don't want to trail through a huge mall or rambling sim to find what you want? Bernicia's new Quick Shopping Area might be just what you want - a selection of avatars and clothing for the most popular bodies on Opensim.

Ruth2 and Roth2, Athena, Athena Petite, Decadence and Men's Avatars, as well as one of the biggest collections of Selea Core products on the grids. Check it out!

The old stores scattered around the sim have been moved here to make room for new developments.

Opensim is great for creating beautiful and original desktop/phone wallpaper.
This is my current wallpaper, taken in the wild, abandoned village on Uzuri.


In memory of all those who gave their lives in conflicts.

For those who celebrate it, Happy Easter!

Athena Petite Store
Lots of clothing and other stuff for the slim Athena Petite.

Sunrise over Eastern Beach, Uzuri

In Support of freedom to determine your own destiny

Uzuri Update: More visitor-friendly welcome area with teleporter to landmarks around Uzuri grid. More Selea Core products added by others from around the Opensim grids, including some that I have repackaged so you can see what you are collecting. New Modern shops for the Ruth and Roth products. Old Town and supermarket in North East corner of the grid with freebies for standard avatars.
New Development on Uzuri. Come visit our newly built radio station where you can choose your own genre of music to listen to while exploring. (Not including the welcome area which is set to Radio Northsea International.)

Click the radio on the media desk and choose your station from the menu.

Radio created by garry.beaumont @voodoogrid.ddns.net:8002, supplied to me by shawnkmaloney OSWRS. Many thanks to original Opensim creators!
I've migrated the region to SSD and would appreciate it if visitors would let me know here about your experience when visiting Bernicia. If you have visited before and can remember your experience, it would be good to know if it has improved or got worse since you last visited.

In particular, It would be helpful if you could let me know about any difficulties in teleporting to the grid and any rez problems you have whilst there. Be aware, though, that the region is quite large and is run on a PC, not a dedicated server, so initial rez times will be slower - up to 5 minutes. Other than that, please let me know if you have difficulties in moving around, copying items etc., it would be a great help.

Our core times vary depending on my workload but will hopefully be between 11am and 8pm BST (UK Time).

Thanks, and stay sa.

I present my collection of Selea Core products, collected from around the grids.


Visit the Beautiful Colosseum Gardens on Uzuri.

Direct teleport link


Just paste into your inworld map.

Guest Sim - Asylum. Surreal urban exploration with just a touch of creep. Go into the strange world of the creator's imagination. I have adapted this sim a bit to add a swamp and mesh mountains instead of the terrain mountains.

In case anyone hasn't noticed yet, I like prims. I present a Prim-built Pantheon. Made in Opensim for Opensim with simple textures so that you can easily customise it to your needs. Ready boxed and linked.

I don't dislike mesh and appreciate the skills of mesh designers, but I like prims because the definition is usually more crisp and often rezzes more quickly for me.

Back in SL, the main limiting factor was Land Impact. Here on Opensim, that isn't a problem, so this pantheon is built with all-prims (except for balustrade parts which are available on Lani)

Map co-ordinates : 785,576,33
Prim Built in Opensim.

These two buildings, a commercial / store building with two floors and an old-style 50's Diner are new, full perms and completely legal.

No mesh, just honest to goodness prims! Ready for your sim.

Map co-ordinates 147/842/23
Adapted recently to add; Synclair Designs, Ruth2, Roth2, Selea Core.

Hosted on Bernicia, the oldest region on Uzuri grid, built way back in 2008 - that's a lot of virtual time This used to be the whole grid. Created by Zoe Synclair (aka Synclair Lavendel). The base oar (excluding Ruth and Roth) is available from Outworldz and is free for anyone to use.

Now adding some regions that I built back in the day. Come see what's new. Eventually, the whole 4x4 region will be populated with freebies and towns that are completely legal and free, joined together with a network of roads and footpaths. A work in progress.

If you find anything is not copy-able or at least for sale for free, please let me know by DM here or inworld at Uzuri.

I'm trying to keep this grid copy-bot free, so if you find anything that has been copy-botted, please let me know and I'll remove it as soon as I can.
New Store Opening Soon - here's a small sample that's available in Synclair Designs at Bernicia now. All original Textures and Authorized imported Mesh.
This is one of our first collection - The seaside collection. More to come, but I wanted to get these out whilst it's still summer in the North (LOL)

Oh, and did I mention - they're free!
After a couple of months "offline", I decided that today is a good time to open up again. It's my RL wedding anniversary, and since no-one is allowed to go out of their RL homes here, going out on Opensim is the next-best thing.

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My Reviews

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

Awww... you've just got to love the Dinkies. Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!

Strega Forest

Beautifully serene. A wonderful place to relax. Thank you.

Sharing Is Caring

Lovely region with some really unique things. Well worth a visit.


Very good, I like the new layout and, as usual, lots of freebies.

Free Life Nostalgia Neighborhood

I rarely ever leave Victor's sims without taking at least a few things home with me. He is a very talented and prolific builder. This sim is no exception. absolutely full of great builds, vintage cars and furniture. I could spend all day just exploring there ... (to quote a great song from the 1960's)... "If I only had time".


A lovely blend of Christmas cheer and winter scenery.


Great sim! Beautifully well laid out and well worth a visit. Takes a while to rez but well worth it!


Fun and in places funny region with a (mainly) medieval theme. I can't believe I haven't visited before, very entertaining.

Halloween on Pandora

Argh! ZOMBIES!!! Great ambience, very creepy. (I'll probably have nightmares tonight lol) Highly recommended - I suggest keeping the region windlight, it adds dramatically to the aurora of creepiness. Also, keep your sound on!


Imaginative and strange. Kind of like HG Wells meets Alice in Wonderland. Great fantasy sim, take your time, there's lots there to rez in but it's worth it.

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Popped in and loved the layout and items. Well organized.
Thankyou :) Glad you liked it.
Loved the region well done !
Thankyou :) Thanks for the visit.