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I started building in opensim after attending a course in London. Since then I have been bouncing around opensim once in a while when I can drag myself away from friends and family for some personal time. I am not in world as much as I would like to be but when I am I make up for lost time. Hello to all those that know me from the old UKTurk Grid.

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About Myself

Old enough to know better, young enough not to care, experienced enough to do it right.

My Interests

Music, Reading, walking, travel.

Favorite Quote

If we try, we may still fail. But if we do not try, we cannot possibly succeed.

Music I Like

Classical Music, Classic Rock, Country & Western

Films I Like

Avatar, Titanic, any good romantic or sci fi film

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My Regions

Tropicana Serenity
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Serenity 0 Users
Welcome to the home of Laurys Lau. A quien me trate bien lo trato mejor a quien me trate como un juego , le enseñare a jugar mi juego. pd:: el silencio es mejor que un grito Tropicana es una colección de regiones amigable con LGBT. Nuestra comunidad proviene de todos los ámbitos de la vid...
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Tropicana VIP
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana VIP 0 Users
VIP Lounge for members of the OSgrid Tropicana Regions. If you are interested in all things tropical and want to be part of our growing community then reach out and talk to us. Hope to see you here soon. [ Adult Region ] Tropicana. OS Grid. Website: https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana...
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Tropicana Club
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Club 0 Users
Welcome to Club Soto Tropicana. If you are a DJ or Live Singer and want to use our club for your own gigs or on a regular basis then please get in contact with Evan Belmond or Mike Townsend . Soto Club Tropicana has a very sexy, LGBT friendly vibe to it. Our luxury yacht behind the club is suit...
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Tropicana Skies
hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana Skies 0 Users
Welcome to Tropicana Skies. This beautiful landscaped tropical sailing environment is here for you explore and sail or fly in. Our Adult Sandbox is also on this region and has some complete ready to go free mesh avatar packs. [ Sandbox 2 hour return ] This is a very relaxed adult region where every...
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hg.osgrid.org:80:Tropicana 0 Users
Welcome to a new sort of experience in Opensim. Tropicana. Tropicana is an archipelago of numerous islands located in OSGrid. But Tropicana is about so much more than just the physical statistics. Tropicana is an idea, a state of mind, and a new approach to virtual living. Regions have typical...
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Random Party at Club Soto Tropicana. A good time with great music!

Tees by Brock are the ultimate in boys for boys designs. Unleash the raunchy naughty spirit inside you and grab yourself a beautifully crafted sexy and eye catching t shirt. There are t shirts for most bodies here. The absolutely "Proud to be Gay" must have clothing can be found at our sandbox in the Tropicana Skies Region.

Slurl: hop://login.osgrid.org/Tropicana%20Skies/70/702/22

Tropicana Skies: 70/702/22
The Tropican Photo Studio is designed with friends in mind. While there are plenty of excellent photo studios available in the Metaverse, and they have plenty of features, this studio is unique in its social design. All controls are available to be used by everyone. This is by design! Have a photo party with friends - chat and take photos of your latest outfits. Included are over 45 poses, over 100 stunning backdrops, and true photo-style lighting. 3 switchable pose stands allow friends to pose together. Also included is a custom controller for controlling the lighting and backdrops.

Located on the Tropicana Region. Use the local teleporter post to find it easily.

Lots of Halloween gifts just for you on our Tropicana Skies region at the Sandbox corner edge by the shops.

We have quite a selection of Halloween freebies already. Help yourselves!

We have quite a few Halloween Freebies now at the log cabin on the sandbox. Courtesy of Jon Sun.

We have quite a few Halloween Freebies now at the log cabin on the sandbox. Courtesy of Jon Sun.

Tropicana Estates in conjunction with Masala Hosting is offering a full region for free for 7 months. Yes you heard it - Your own region totally free for 7 months. Thereafter you will only pay $3 a month in rental per month.
Saturday 21st August with Live Singer Zoree Jupiter and our DJ's from Second Life, Lunchbox and Samzpaul. Open day party starts at 11:00 am PDT and runs for 3 hours. Come and join us and meet some new friends. Dress code: Less is always better. Pool Party.

The idea is to convert this beautiful yacht into a night club. It will take time and the priority at the moment is to get the main club area up and running. Watch this space.

Ready and waiting for some good DJ's and Live Singers. Our opening night extended play special is scheduled for Saturday 21st August, starting at 11:00 am PDT.

Our Rental office is situated in Tropicana Skies. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

Plenty of small Tiki huts and hangout places. Also some available free rentals on the archipelago. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

Stunning scenery and a virtual paradise: https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

This is an example of the quality of the free housing available on our regions. All we ask is that you fit in with the theme and live your life in our no drama environment. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

The main administration centre for Tropicana. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

Relax by the poolside. Working floats, a bar and a public house nearby. Treat the place like home. You have every right to be here :-)

The landing point at Tropicana. Use the teleport boards to land at our other regions or the teleport post to travel around the region you are in. Rez a vehicle and take it for a spin around the island.
The old ruins by the pond with its hidden cave. Take a walk around the interior of this region and climb the hill for a view of the spectacular scenery below. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana
As with all our properties, they are furnished and ready for your use. Nothing is private on this region so feel free to invite your friends and make use of any of the accommodation. You have temporary rezz rights here too for unpacking your clothing. If you need a larger rezz area then try our sandbox. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

Our beach goes the whole way around the island. There are some nice spots to relax and chill. Escape to Tropicana and explore. https://makingwavesgroup.wixsite.com/tropicana

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This place is one of the best to be found in opensim. Whilst I am sorry that Lupes in Second Life is no longer up and running I can understand why you moved and what you can achieve here with your skills. Such a wonderful place you have created. Thank you for making this for us all.

Shirelands Hub

The region is there and if you know anything about opensim Jona you would not give a zero rating to this place because if you had seen it and seen what the creator achieved in Second Life before coming here you would not be so ungrateful for the contribution this person has made. Teleports and regions are not found all the time but this does not mean they are not there. Sometimes hops just fail!

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