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Freedom City London

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Freedom City London
World Idea: The idea to create this world was the idea to tie in the lands that we had always used throughout the many years on a few other grids including SecondLife.

Development: We intended the land to be a place of development, and education and a place to get free items for those unfortunate to be able to have money to enjoy the social platforming within a 3d environment. At this time, we are in the works of creating the region and redesigning the original OAR used, though it took some time to pick out how we wanted to use the land. We used an oar to construct it our way, the OAR was used as a starting point.

Construction: We managed to make some major changes to the main home of our other worlds Mictio Island, and the Stormblade Empire an RP Methodology and Medieval combination RP, our history goes back as far back to 1999 based on the originating RP form called text-based para t1-t2. From MSN and Yahoo Texting style to Nod Hoping in IMVU to Secondlife and other places within Opensim called Grids, the Stormblades was announced Legends leaving IMVU to Secondlife 2011 after coming out alive though meany T1 Para combat Battles. however, there are other parts connected to this region on and off this particular grid, we also have a full setup on TanGLe grid.

The new Virtual World and Service Management for these places of our Mitico Island, Stromblade Empire and Freedom City London was added this year starting from Secondlife and 3rd Rock Gird, "Virtual World Creations" was started because of the many years of creations and how-to of user operations and system operations, All places are managed by a real-life licensed Company Creative Minds Join Productions L.L.C The owner is a designer creator to many different products from 3d to web programming and many other types of services. we now hold 4 virtual worlds in all we have been searching and hoping to find the main home to house our lands permanently. The cost of living has become a problem and many gird services fold but we are managing.
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