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The Xinashi Region is home to...
.:Aether:. An airborne art project. Make sure to sit on the rotating cube. It's synchronized dancing to the 3rd power!
.:The Eros Yoga Center:. Animations for singles and couples. You know what I'm talking about.
.:Marche Noir.: AKA the Black Market. Classic imports that are so old, they are new again.
.:oh HELLO | Outfits With Options:.
Curated outfits for the Athena body. Each vendor has all the items pictured. PLUS, if the item is part of a fat-pack, you get the entire pack!
.:Rocket Club:. Featuring the Dancing Stan Hologram
.:Sol Et Luna Dance Club:. The Sun. The Moon. And dancing.
.:The Club:. A dancing and hangout spot on the Collective Hub sim.
.:Tree House Park:. Logger AVs are banned.

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I don't make New Year's resolutions. I make a New Year's wish list. Here are a few wishes from thousands collected from 154 different countries.
• "I wish that the climate crisis will end."
• "I want the war to end in Ukraine and my father will come back home and live under the peaceful sky."
• "I wish for the world to be a little less homophobic and a lot more accepting in 2024."
• "I wish for a year when I finally have the courage to do the things I'm scared to do and achieve the things I've dreamt of."
• "My wish is to become financially stable, but also take my mom on her bucket list trips."
• "I wish to see my 99th birthday and make it to my granddaughter's wedding in September!!"
• "My wish is that my wife be pain free, happy, healthy and come to know how truly special she is."
• "My wish is for my dad to never forget how much I love him.
• "I wish to hug a chicken."
What's on your wish list? Also, do you have a chicken to hug? Asking for a friend.

Unplanned party at the Tribute Club. Please attend only if you don't have any plans :)


Nico Kalani: We had between 7 and 11 people over 6 hours at the club last night. What will happen if we actually planned an event and announced it in advance? Yikes! 9 months ago
oh! HELLO!
The story so far: Grid offline for far too long. Now, back online. Shop closed, and, now completely remodeled, reopened. New and renewed outfits coming soon.

Sorry. We are open. oh HELLO!

If you don't know about oh HELLO, here's the skinny. The shop offers carefully curated outfits -- with options. If one item in the outfit is part of a fat pack, you get them all. The outfit is a complete look that you can customize. Cool, huh? You also get a preset body alpha HUD, because, why not? I set one up for my own use, so it's easy enough to toss a copy into the box.

Jerralyn Franzic: Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!! *muah* 2 years ago
"Joke Outside of the Box" Joke Swap Party
Where: Xinashi
When: 2 years ago [9 Feb 2022 11:00 SLT]

The Opensimworld site has a feature called "The Box", in which many a joke has been told. I hope you all, regulars and irregulars alike, can come to the "Joke Outside of the Box" Joke Swap Party at Xinashi, It's Wed the 9th (tomorrow!) at 11am OS time.

This is "sit down" comedy in a lovely setting. Swap jokes and share reactions like we do in the box. You can cut and paste jokes from the web if you like. Bring your own jokes and even your joke ideas for humorists from the Humor Research & Development Lab (that would be us) to work with.

How to find the event: Use the TP board to get the the Tree House. Join us as we "Joke Outside of the Box!"

Show And Share
Where: Xinashi
When: 3 years ago [8 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

Be ready for a fun, relaxed, and social time at the "oh HELLO" shop Show And Share event.

Here's what it's all about...

SHOW: We're having an informal fashion show, with all of us both the models and the audience! Walk down the runway if you wish, but do hop on the rotating pose stand so we can get a 360° view of the outfit you have assembled.

1. If you want tips on adding or changing outfit items, just ask, and we will share our advice.
2. If you like, rez a box in our outfit share area that has all of the items in your outfit. Ideally the box will also contain all of the items in a fat-pack, and for extra credit bonus points, add the body alpha HUD that you have preset for the outfit.
3. Part of our sharing time is each of us passing around LMs of good places to shop if we can.

Creators: Please, do come to show off outfit items you have made and would like to share.
Shop Owners: If you have unique outfit items in your shop, come show and share them. Make sure you put the shop LM in your box.

Get a gift of an outfit I've assembled that will only ever be offered during these events.

Even if you don't want to show or share, come to hang out, talk about shopping and clothes, and to get the outfit boxes.

Where: Xinashi
When: 3 years ago [11 Aug 2021 12:00 SLT]

oh HELLO is here to help you look your best. Looking for outfit ideas? Landmarks of good places to shop? Have an outfit you are assembling that you'd like help with? Have an outfit you'd like to show and share? Well then, come to the oh HELLO SHOW AND SHARE Event on the second Wednesday of each month at noon. The next event is this coming Wednesday, August 11th, at noon.

Wear an outfit you are working on and get ideas and items from us all to help complete it. Or wear a completed outfit to the event and pass it on to all who'd like a copy. (As we do in the oh HELLO shops, box up the outfit with a pre-set body alpha HUD and all items of any in a fat-pack) Even if you don't have anything to show or share, come to the event to get outfit ideas and landmarks of good places to shop.

Hope to see you at the oh HELLO SHOW AND SHARE Event at noon on this and future second Wednesdays of the month.

Each month we have a display at oh HELLO in our Challenge Shop of a dress, skirt, pants, and shorts. Take a copy of any of these items and make use of it in an outfit you assemble. Then come to the oh HELLO Outfit Challenge event to show it off. It's a fun, friendly and social event focused on helping each of us look our best. And don't worry about the challenge part. You are welcome to attend the event even If you only want to see outfits others have made and get copies of them.

If you accept the challenge, your outfit may end up on display for a month in our shops and then included in the main collection. The event happens on the last Wednesday of each month at noon. The next "oh Hello" Outfit Challenge event is on Wednesday, August 25. The event has been featured on the Hypergrid Business website, so plan to show up early to get the best seats for the show.

For obvious reasons, lumberjack AVs are not permitted in Tree House Park. Everyone else is welcome. Each tree house has it's own theme, for example, there's the Tree House Of Time. Be sure to visit on the hour if you like chimes. hop:// If you like chirps, visit the Bird House Tree House. hop:// If you like cars and/or bars, The Car Bar Tree House is for you. hop:// If you are looking for something else entirely, visit the other Xinashi islands. Each also has it's own theme, be it wild, wacky or wonderful.
At the Strictmoor Academy for Adult Remedial Education unmasked faces are allowed and bare bottoms are encouraged. Both might end up red, one from embarrassment, the other from a firm hand. Get some color in your cheeks. Visit Strictmoor.
Pay attention because there will be a quiz. There are five tree houses in Tree House Park. Five! Come visit Tree House Park where we have, count them, five tree houses. Spoiler Alert: The park has a Tree House Car Bar and a Bird House Tree House. How cool is that? OK, here's the quiz. How many tree houses are here in Tree House Park?
The SUNCLAD ISLAND YOGA CENTER is the site of our weekly NAKED YOGA events (day and time TBD). Set on the water with a great view of the sunset, this area features atmospheric music to help you relax. Come anytime to enjoy Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Massage & Sex for couples.

Sol Et Luna Dance Zone...the dance club reimagined

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Zuzu Bahro This is an absolutely beautiful place to visit. A must see for explorers!
AshaShanti Great experience - what a beautiful yoga spot - and there is much more to discover so have to go back to check all the other corners. Thanks for the warm welcome :)
Megan Cline They are very nice there and very helpful great place to visit. so stop by and visit them.

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The curated Athena outfits are simply outstanding! Thank You!
Lovely place to visit and explore. You both did a great job. I LOVE IT ♥
Thanks! Mia is a great help to me on the region -- which she would have to be, seeing that she is my alt. :) I'll let her know you think we did a great job. :P)
Hahaha! Ok excuses for the monkey ignorance, still laughing
Great photos, Adds Xinashi to my must explore list!
Thanks! I'm going to take a wild guess which area you will visit first, but I won't mention it. That would be telling. :)
Today I went and visited a region called Xinashi. I did not really know what to expect....and I had never met the owner, Nico. The best way I can describe this place is a breath of fresh air. I am totally in love with the yoga area....and will certainly visit again. Xinashi is the perfect place to meditate....chill out...and get in touch with yourself . The treehouse area is nicely laid out and such creativity in the houses! As for the owner, Nico....I would give her 10 stars on making guests feel welcome. It's time to go visit Xinashi....and de-stress a little!
I am honored to have the opportunity to welcome wonderful people such as yourself to Xinashi. Thanks for your kind comments. I look forward to seeing you here again.