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About Myself

I have been around in virtual worlds since 2008 - been part of all kinds of projects, educational/art related and others. I find this way of connecting and sharing very versatile and lots fun.

My Interests

world cultures, world music, languages, mindfulness

Favorite Quote

💗 W h a t e v e r y o u d o | D o i t w i t h p a s s i o n 💗
💗 Be kind 💗

Music I Like

I explore music from around the world with a special focus on Africa, India, and Hungary. I love to learn about new instruments, new styles of music. I prefer folk music that has deep roots in a culture.

Films I Like

Hideous Kinky

Books I Like

Madness of crowds, The alchemist

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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Africa :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating :)