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Mature Mexican American female. I prefer to speak English.

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I am the grid host for Friends Grid. If you are ever looking for a place to call home, I'd love to help you.

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Attention Joao Frazao fans - please come today at 1 p.m. to hear this amazing performer at GD Park Club, on GavezDois, in Craft World grid. If you have not yet had the pleasure of hearing Joao play and sing, today is your chance.

Use this link to find us... craft-world.org:8002:GavezDois

When you land, click the teleport station and select "Art Music Spa"
BACK TO THE 90's at Infinity Isle in Barefoot Dreamers grid. We are starting out with the sexiest DJ Suzan von Otter, who will be spinning your fave tunes from the 90's from 11-1. The amazingly talented Joao Frazao will take the stage from 1-2.
Please come join us for great fun. We'll be looking for you!
Here's a ride...

Infinity - home of the hottest DJs, best live acts and friendliest guests

Today, in honor of Ladylove Envee, there we will only have live music by Joao Frazao, at 1 p.m.

The weekly after party dance will not be held this week.

Do you have some sexy lingerie you'd like to show off? Today is Lingerie Day at Infinity! Put on your hottest outfits and come stun our eyes at Infinity.
We've got DJ Luna at 10 a.m., followed by live singer, Khiron Ametza at noon. DJ Liam Lunarmyst will take over at 1 p.m.
Here's the link to use to join the party,=...

Infinity Isle - home of the hottest DJs, incredible live singers and naughtiest host
Joao Frazao fans - we've got the musical wizard himself here at GavezDois in Osgrid. He will begin playing at 1 p.m.
Immediately following his set, there will be a party with great music to dance to in the club area.
Please come for a good time and after - feel free to explore the musuem. There are teleport stations around the land for your convenience.
Here is the link to find us...
Its swimwear day at Infinity, and we have a hot time lined up for you. First, we have the sexy DJ Suzan kicking the party off at 11, followed by the amazing talent of Joao Frazao at noon. DJ Liam Lunarmyst, the King of Requests will take over at 1 p.m. We'd love for you to join us.

Here's the link...hop://login.barefoot-dreamers.com:8002/Infinity%20Isle/386...

Infinity - home of the hottest DJs, best live acts and naughtiest host
Do you love 60's tunes? Then today is your lucky day. The request king himself - DJ Liam Lunarmyst will be spinning those great songs from the 60's at Infinity Isle on Barefoot Dreamers grid.
He also loves requests, so if you've got a favorite - he'll be glad to play it for you. If he doesn't have it - he can get it!
Party starts at noon. Here's the link to come join us.
Infinity - Home of the hottest DJs, friendliest guests and naughtiest host.
Hey y'all - come dance with us at Infinity!

Here's a sleigh ride if you want to join us...
login.barefoot-dreamers.com:8002:Infinity Isle

Infinity - home of the hottest DJs, friendliest guests and grinchiest host.
Hey y'all, its gonna be a good day here at Infinity. We've got the Master of Request himself, DJ Liam warming us up at 11.
At noon, Khiron Ametza will take the stage. If you haven't heard the sultry voice of this amazing singer, make sure you get here to experience her music.
DJ Liam will take over for the after party at 1.
Don't cheat yourself - treat yourself to good times at Infinity. Home of the Hottest DJs, best live acts and naughtiest host.
Here's your ride:
Slap on your hat, jump on your hoss and join us for some fine boot scootin' at Infinity Isle.
The Request King himself, DJ Liam will be spinning your favorite country tunes from 11-3. Bring your requests - if he doesn't have it, he can get it!

I'll pick you up in my beat up truck...

Infinity Isle - home of the hottest DJs, the friendliest guest and the naughtiest host.

SMOOTH SUNDAY at INFINITY. Put on your dancing shoes and come join us! Party starts at 11 a.m. grid time.

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I moved to Friends Grid a couple of months ago and I am so happy I did. All the residents are so friendly and helpful. Safine and Serina went out of their way to make me feel wanted and welcome. The island I was given to live on is lag free, very big and with a super generous prim allowance. If you are looking for a permanent home with amazing neighbors, you really should come see us at Friends ...


This place is a must-see. Its absolutely beautiful and well built....and HUGE.


"Denied access" :(

Victorian Christmas

Just visited this location. It's lovely and so well done!

Infinity Isle

I love this place so much that I have started working here as a host. Fantastic music, hot DJs, friendliest people in virtual.


This is an absolutely beautiful place to visit. A must see for explorers!

Arkham Grid

Great shopping here! Make sure you have plenty of time...there is too much to see for a short trip.

The Art Factory

A beautiful place to explore and admire works of art.


A beautiful place with friendly people.

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Just droppin a hello. Will check out your world if you add one later. :)Hope the weekend goes good. hugs n high 5's
You can come visit the club sim Zusions. We would be glad to have you!