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Show And Share

Where: Xinashi
When: 8 months ago [8 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

Be ready for a fun, relaxed, and social time at the "oh HELLO" shop Show And Share event.

Here's what it's all about...

SHOW: We're having an informal fashion show, with all of us both the models and the audience! Walk down the runway if you wish, but do hop on the rotating pose stand so we can get a 360° view of the outfit you have assembled.

1. If you want tips on adding or changing outfit items, just ask, and we will share our advice.
2. If you like, rez a box in our outfit share area that has all of the items in your outfit. Ideally the box will also contain all of the items in a fat-pack, and for extra credit bonus points, add the body alpha HUD that you have preset for the outfit.
3. Part of our sharing time is each of us passing around LMs of good places to shop if we can.

Creators: Please, do come to show off outfit items you have made and would like to share.
Shop Owners: If you have unique outfit items in your shop, come show and share them. Make sure you put the shop LM in your box.

Get a gift of an outfit I've assembled that will only ever be offered during these events.

Even if you don't want to show or share, come to hang out, talk about shopping and clothes, and to get the outfit boxes.