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Some people wonder if I'm trans... no - I'm not. Jonah is an unisex name. And no - I don't sell used cars either!

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Jonah is a unisex name. Many people think that the name Jonah is only for men. I also saw it recently in an American TV series where a young boy was named Jonah. But I'm from Germany and in my country the name can also be used by girls or women. All names ending in the letter A are female in Germany. An example: Michael for a boy, Michaela for a girl - Karl for a boy, Karla for a girl.

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Contemporary Art and Photography

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Carpe Diem

Oh boy... Today I visited the region CARPE DIEM - HOME. And there you will find tons of super excellent stuff for home and garden. I love it...

Germania Plaza

Although I thought I'd pretty much seen everything in Opensim by now, I was able to find some useful stuff to dress up my Art installations here. Auch wenn ich gedacht h├Ątte, dass ich schon so ziemlich alles in Opensim gesehen habe, konnte ich hier einiges an brauchbaren Zeug zur Ausstaffierung meiner Kunst-Installationen finden.


This takes the shopping experience in Opensim to the next level. Wow - so much great stuff you don't necessarily see anywhere else. In addition, aimations, AOs, poses, backdrops and much more. The design of the shops is also really good. Thank you very much! Jonah aka Antonia L.

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