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Please add a comment to acknowledge the people who have been helpful recently in you finding what you are looking for

This group is huge! I have to confess I haven't had the time to read all the recent posts. So, this will be the format for the weekly post about who has helped recently. And as always, a picture completely unrelated to the topic! Remember when bearded babies were a thing?

Nico Kalani: Yikes! People aren't mentioning who helped them? Let's recognize and celebrate them so they will be inclined to continue to be of help. 19 hours ago
I'm setting up a Discord server named "Where to Find Stuff in OS." Please join us!

I need help deciding what categories and channels to have. For example, I have a category for Body Brands. I'm setting up a channel for each brand, like Athena, Legacy, Reborn... Is that excessive? I know that some bodies are hard to find, so having a specific channel for each body types could be helpful. However, I don't know all the available body types. I know of Athena, Legacy, Reborn, and Ruth and Roth. Please tell me what the others are in OS. Thanks.

Nico Kalani: The Discord server invite has been added to the post. Here it is again. Feel free to share. 20 hours ago


Hello everyone! I am looking for a top I found at Adachi. It has a net shirt part and these MASSIVE fluffy sleeves. Very over the top! I really want it again! Please see if you have it!!! Thank you, Ellen
Hopefully, this link will work. I want this for my land. Does anyone have an idea how I can make this work? I can fiddle with simple scripts, but I am not a scripter. I have no idea how to make the dragon. Not sure how I would build the tower, but based on my talents, is probably the easiest part of this project for me, but I think it should probably be done in mesh, which I don't know how to do either. Basically, I need someone to do this for me. :D It is probably impossible, but isn't this the koolest thing?

Lillysparks: Ok, so have you visited Red Dragon yet? hop:// They are only open while the builder is online I think but if you check often - you will get in. That pla... 8 days ago

Ola, poderiam me informar onde encontro o instrumento musical Saxofone com animação. Agradeço por este grupo ♥

Nico Kalani: A quick and lazy translation by Google: Ola, you can inform me about the musical instrument Saxofone with animation. Agradeço by this group ♥ 9 days ago

I saw paragon dances somewhere and now I cannot remember where. Help me find them again please! xoxo

I am looking for so many things always but since I just joined this group I will start small and see how it goes. I am searching for a photographer to help me take surfing photos to showcase what I have been working on. It is VERY hard to take selfies while surfing. Thank you in advance! Also - would be fun to organize a few people to come try it while the photo person is there ... might as well make it a party. Don't worry- the weather man predicts perfect temperatures for the next week.

Nay Kellyel: Gosto de fazer fotos, posso tentar ajudar Lillysparks 10 days ago
Taarna Welles makes original clothes for free in opensim. Her grid was offline for a bit, but it's back up now, and Taarna is in creative mode - so expect some more fashion and other goodies in the next months.

thedeeferry: Love bubblez! Yay! Welcome back! 11 days ago

Box came from old sac grid... empty... sad face

Thirza Ember: sad sac. 11 days ago

Box came from old sac grid... empty... sad face

Nico Kalani: What lovely flowers and birds. I hope someone can help you find them. 12 days ago
The Most Recent Helpful People
Lillysparks who gave very specific information about where to find Stuff boxes.
Jupiter Rowland offered tips on where to ind sweeping animations and Stuff boxes.

I am also going to acknowledge Copper & Prince Amor who responded to a request in the box (that is so old school) for a giggle animation

Here is an overly cute picture of someone who is not Rowland with a ponytail helping some random kid -- OK, her brother -- up a hill.

Lillysparks: Cute acknowledgement. This is a darling way to reply to the world's helpers I must say. hehe 12 days ago

Update: found it !! Thanx y'all!!
Hi There community ...." I am looking for" shovelling or sweeping animations. Please Advise :=)

Jupiter Rowland: Okay, there's a box named "Misc. Mocap animations" at Wright Plaza in Key Gruin's shop The Hodgepodge, upstairs from Elif Kling's shop. It does contain two sweeping animations, but they seem rather he... 16 days ago
I'm looking for the "Stuff" boxes. They contain some of the first items imported to OS. These items are so old that they are once again new. Many of these high quality items are not in shops now. I'll be offering a curated selection of these items at the Black Market shop. Stop by now for items from the Stuff boxes with retro stuff.

I knew of 3 locations with a collection of the boxes. Two are now closed, and I forget the name of the other one. I'm looking for the names of places that have them and/or copies of any boxes you have,

Jupiter Rowland: Come to think of it, there used to be a pretty much complete collection on Ernie and Ellen's New Orleans sim, I think it was called The Big Easy. Chances are one of them still has the boxes. 16 days ago
The Most Recent Helpful People
1. Mistressdalgato for providing info on how to find salon doors.
2. Misty_Falls for actually making salon doors.
3. thedeeferry for offering Folk Cabinets in the colors I need.
4. EllenTiratzo for offering the broken lighthouse and the Botanical Waterlillys.
5. Star Ravenhurst for offering 21Strom trees and maybe more.

To celebrate, here is a random photo of stuff that nobody is looking for (as far as I know)

And, my gosh, 31 members! Post your wish lists, people. This group works!

Looking for nice double swinging saloon doors

Nico Kalani: From Mistressdalgato r lion has some connected to a stable. hop:// go there and do an in world search for stable 17 days ago

I have this colorful cabinet in brown at the shop (come get it if you'd like). I'm looking for the rest of the set: the blue, pink, white, and yellow cabinets. Thanks!

thedeeferry: Nico, I love this cabinet. I believe I have the pink and yellow and maybe blue. I also would be interested in the brown and white. I will drop by asap and leave the colors I have for you. Take car... 21 days ago
I'm posting a lot here for items that will be going into the upcoming Marche Noir shop. So, it's only fair I give you all an opportunity to get a sneak preview of this Black Market. hop://

My latest search is for this broken lighthouse. If you like this kind of stuff, you might like the crashed plane shelter now at the shop. And please let me know if you have or know of items that would be good to have here. Thanks.
28 members in the group. Cool! I plan to post acknowledgements every Saturday for the prior week's helpful people. So far, just 3 days into the life of this group, we already have had help from thedeefairy and Misty Falls. Here's a picture of a choo choo train, just because. :) And, my! What interesting requests! I hope this group can be of help to you all.
Great group. Thanks for creating it. We have been looking for animations for violin and chello for weeks. Sitting though! Standing is available. But it seems difficult to find these animations sitting down. Maybe someone has a tool to create them? We would be happy to pay a small amount for the work. Please contact inworld. We are grateful for any advice.

Nico Kalani: I found a contrabass and, due to its size, only standing animations. You'd think for the smaller string instruments, there would be sitting animations. Hope you find them. A string quartet performance... 25 days ago

Hi, I'm looking for an elf or an npc that shovels snow for a Christmas world. I seen some people had something like that last year. Thanks!!!!! :)

Nico Kalani: Cool idea (literally). Let us know if you find it and who from or where. 25 days ago

I'm looking for white fire flys, I have the yellow but need white ones ty

Misty_Falls: You can adjust the colors by editing the script end the PSYS_PART_START_COLOR and PSYS_PART_END_COLOR NAVY <0.000, 0.122, 0.247> BLUE <0.000, 0.455, 0.851> AQUA <0.498, 0.859, 1.000> TEAL <... 25 days ago
I've found most of these in one of the Stuff boxes. However, the set is missing the Waterlily cluster 1 - White, and all Waterlily cluster 4 (Blue, Pink, Plain, Yellow, and White). I'm hoping to complete the collection, but if you'd like it as is, you can find it at March Noir.

I see Botanical stuff used in lots of builds, but I've never seen them in a shop. I'm setting up a new region named Marche Noir (The Black Market) and would like to feature Botanical stuff. I'm also looking for 21Strom landscaping items.

Tentacles: For 21strom see 25 days ago

I need the LOZ_MESHWORX_Infinity_ Revolution Table to complete the set of Infinity tables & chairs found in the box Stuff Ethan Imported 02-10-19

Antonia Ling: Oh, I like it! Where is it? Do I have to wait now? 26 days ago
I'm looking for character models/static NPC statues of the FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's) animatronic animals. Ideally I would like them static and not in a T pose but in poses like they've been discovered at Freddy Fazbears and if you walk by and ignore them they just might get I've looked on a few 3D sites and there are some but it's hard to tell from a picture which ones are decent, which will import well as mesh etc. If someone already has these, I'd love them for my Halloween collection for next year please and thank you.

My inventory looks like an episode of "Hoarders". I am always looking for new stuff to clutter up my space ROFL. I'm a squirrel ... ooh ... shiny.

Nico Kalani: If you care to share, check out my comment: 26 days ago

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Nico Kalani: I'll be posting requests for specific items but, in general, I'm looking for items to place in the CopyKat Collective shop Marche Noir, (the Black Market). I'm looking for the names of the best shops ... 26 days ago
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Post about items you are, well, looking for. For outfits, builds, shops, services, and skills, and so on. To find or recommend shops in specific categories, join the Discord server "Where to Find Stuff in OS."
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Created 27 days ago by Nico Kalani

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Arielle 11 hours ago
You have a name for it by chance? I have a faint memory of Mika one time having something like that. Might want to ask her next time you see her.
thedeeferry 19 hours ago
Congratulations Misty Falls! Does happy dance for you! Happy animating!
Nico Kalani 19 hours ago
Look for recommended shops in the new Discord server "Where to Find Stuff in OS." Please join us!
Nico Kalani 19 hours ago
Yikes! People aren't mentioning who helped them? Let's recognize and celebrate them so they will be inclined to continue to be of help.
Nico Kalani 20 hours ago
The Discord server invite has been added to the post. Here it is again. Feel free to share.
Jupiter Rowland yesterday
The three traditional "main" male body families in OpenSim are: Slink Physique Male (Adonis), Signature Gianni (a.k.a. Apollo and Decadence Male) and Belleza Jake (Ares). As for female bodies, there'...