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What Are You Looking For?

I'm looking for a building for a store and a photo studio

The "What Are You Looking For" Scavenger Hunt.
Find something someone is looking for and win points toward the reward of a Scavenger Hunt Olympic medal and other prizes.

Some initial ideas:
The hunt would run from the time we come up with an official plan (by May 1st) and run until the end of May.

The beta plan for awarding points.
1. A point for each week that has passed since the original request.
2. Points for how hard it would seem to find the items.
3. Gazillion points for finding a Radio Man That Walks, Talks, And Yodels.

An idea for the awarding of prizes:
1. Have a "What Are You Looking For" event.
2. The finds are rezzed at the event.
3. We vote on how hard it we think it would it would have been to find the item.
4. Factor in the age of the request and award points accordingly.
5. The top 3 point people stand on a winners platform and are given a gold, silver or bronze metal.
6. Additional prizes?

What we need:
1. An event venue.
2. A DJ
3. Suggestions for making the event fabulous.

What do you think?
I am looking for the canasta table. Maybe somebody with a very large very old inventory will still have it, if it has not been lost from the metaverse for good. I have the scripted hud for canasta, so the rest of it must exist somewhere.

Lynne Lundquist: CyberGlo would it another name besides Canasta? 4 days ago

I am looking for a working parachute and genuflect animation - Thanks

Nico Kalani: I knew people who made non-working parachutes. They are now dead. Hopefully you will find a working one. My advice...have somebody else test it. :) 4 days ago

I am looking for a working parachute and genuflect animation

I am looking for a working parachute and genuflect animation

i hunting for some animesh squirrels that are animated any one know where to get some ?????

Hi, I'm looking for a DJ booth/table/stand and other dance club equipment with a swamp/bayou aesthetic. Bonus points if the swamp happens to be on an alien planet with giant, green, scaly critters under the water! Don't ask what it's for, or else I'll have to invite you ;)

FallenAngel Absent: Maybe have a look at Druskus Impero Island, he has a bunch of lights, DJ equipment --> 6 days ago

Hi I'm Trying To Fine Free Backdrops So I Can Start Takeing Photos

FallenAngel Absent: R. Lion has a lot of very nice little complete scenes in his animation area... Worth a visit. In my opinion super suitable for photos 6 days ago

hiho looking for Frisian Mink or a yellow rain parka/Jacket

Hiya everyone! ;) Hope everyone is doing well this fine Sunday! ;) I am looking for clothing for Gianni please and TY! ;) Would you kindly pass me landmarks that would have any clothing for the Gianni body please & TY? HUGGGZZZZZZ! ;)
This is the name of the set that I am looking for:
!Elas Cross2 Necklace-Set Gold&Silver

These are what I need are the earrings:

*E*Cross Earring gold R
*E*Cross Earring gold L

I've seen this name of this store before but I just cannot figure out which store it is:

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate this & thank You!

Serina Gee: Hi Passion, the only Elas store I am aware of is this one at Camballa, hopefully it's the one you are looking for!! 8 days ago

hi everyone - I am new here and I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get motorcycle race tracks or roads? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you.

Most Recent Helpers
Jupiter Rowland
Jamie Wright
and others who have helped find items in older posts.

Speaking of which, we have grown to 95 members, and some of the unsolved requests go back 5 months. One of the advantages of this group over asking in the box is that the requests here persist. Be a dear and scroll down to see if you can help find stuff from earlier days as yet not found.

hi all dose anyone know where to get construction site objects like construction crane, and building site objects etc

Acen8: Thanks To Safine , i have all i need now apart from a Cement mixer, and still looking for a complete builders Outfit with hard Hat 11 days ago

So...about evox? I only have a small selection of skins. Apart from R.Lion (whose address I've lost) what other places are good to get evox skins from?

Hi, Where can I find good men's hair?
All I find is really old, very bad looking stuff.
I'm mainly looking for modern haircuts, from wild to long, or short haircuts.

Oh and while I'm at it, I'm also looking for BOM men's heads ;)

Does any one know where I can find NPC makers? Preferably looking for ones that make non static but moving.

Jupiter Rowland: Do you need something to generate NPC-defining notecards from an avatar? Valerie NatureInSim has something that can do that at ValLands. Or do you need something t... 22 days ago
I found it!!! Well, I found one of them. It is called alien plant c. There were also an a, b, and d. Maybe an e. It is made with sculpts and prims, the "fronds" are flexi prims with a tentacle movement script to make them move when you approach. The plant makes a kool alien sound when you approach as well. Though I would be thrilled to have them all, finding even one of them has made me so happy and thankful. Inside of the plant was the plant pictured with them. It doesn't do anything. Thank you to everyone who has helped with suggestions on where to look. Oh! I found it at R&M Creations where I found some other good stuff.

I have someone in Opensim looking for the MayReal Aria head Has anyone see it or something like it?

@MrSnoodle for helper of the week/month:) Awesome lanyard! Thanks so much again. Playing with textures now:)

MrSnoodle: Glad you like it! It was a fun little project to refresh my rigging abilities in Blender. I haven't rigged anything for a long time and saw your request for a lanyard. It was playing on my mind how I... 26 days ago

Yes. I am looking for mahjong game. Please helps me to find Mahjong game. I am good.

Jamie Wright: Sketchfab has some. You'll have to convert to dae and import them...and then script them. Which we know you have the talent to do:) 28 days ago

I am looking for H. P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu related items. Please help. Thank you

Jupiter Rowland: To quote myself from just a bit further down: Aaack Aardvark's Arcadia Shop has a Cthulhu plushie, if that's something for you. 28 days ago
Most Recent Helpers
Glenys Bieler
Kith Whitehawk
Jupiter Rowland
Jamie Wright
Thirza Ember

Can any of you help find the missing Army vehicle?
I'm looking for a lanyard. I tried to make one and it was bad....very very bad. So if anyone with more talents has one or knows where to get one, I would greatly appreciate it. Ideally I'd love one my avatar or any avatars can wear around the neck with a badge thingy. You know for conferences and stuff.

Hi :)
Can anyone tell me the best place to get visitor boards ?

Jupiter Rowland: I know Shelenn Ayres has made one, but I'll have to check where she keeps it. 1 month ago

looking for a desert off-sim surround.

Jamie Wright: Sent you a box of a bunch on OSGrid. Hopefully there's a dessert. R. Lion might be a good source of stuff like that too. 1 month ago

where can i find urban blight slum city, i need the address url my lm wont work and i dont know which grid they are on

Jamie Wright: Resolved through the chat for anyoen tuning in late:) 1 month ago

I am still in need of a Ski lift, gondola or simialr to add to my park anyone have one? greatly appreciate all in opensim thanks in advance Hugabug

Jamie Wright: Hugabug, I'm not sure who specifically has one but a few folks I can think of that have the mad skills to do one are Kelso and Dabici from Novale and Hyacinth from Groovyverse. Maybe reach out to thos... 1 month ago
Hiya everyone! Your friendly neighborhood fuzzbutt here! Looking for stores that sell club supplies, like lighting and DJ Boards. If anyone knows any good shops, let me know! Also want to thank everyone that's helped me thus far!

Jupiter Rowland: Aaack Aardvark made a club lights system and an illuminated dance floor and offers both at his Arcadia Shop. Also, you may want to take a look at the big DJ station... 1 month ago

Hi, Looking for anything Lovecraft related.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Jupiter Rowland: Aaack Aardvark's Arcadia Shop has a Cthulhu plushie, if that's something for you. 1 month ago

Hiya! Currently looking for some shops that specialize in Japanese Decor and Furniture! If anyone knows any good shops on the Hypergrid, let me know! ^3^

Jamie Wright: This one is at least listed in the freebies category: 1 month ago

Hello everyone! New to Opensim and looking for some places to find some furry heads! If anyone knows any good places I can go to peruse, let me know! :D

MrSnoodle: I think there are a few furry avatars at white wolf sim on osgrid, though last time i was there it was really lagging badly. it took me 5 minutes to walk to the shop from the landing point lol hg.osgr... 1 month ago
looking for
please i am looking for a burger king(aussies call it hungry jacks) and a taco bell or any other fast food places or our city that is fully fitted out and linked together if anyone knows where i can get them please pm me

Jamie Wright: Hi Jasmine and welcome:) Victor D'angelo has a bunch of fast food restaurants. Most of them are on this region: If you don't see them all, just hop around to his oth... 1 month ago
Has anyone seen Puffins around the OpenSim? *holds up a finger being very specific* Not penguins...but puffins. I saw some for sale on a 3D site but I thought I'd see if there were any free ones to be found before I make that choice.

Kelso.Uxlay: Hello Jamie - My partner Dabici Straulino will give you one she made next time she goes inworld 1 month ago
I am looking for a dance floor in the shape of a ring with balls on which the dancers can sit. The whole ring rotates slowly. You often see them, I'm looking for a place where I can get something like this.

Jupiter Rowland: I've just been told to recommend you to ask Victor Clary or Samira Samtanko in Dereos. 1 month ago
Hi everyone. Hippie here.
First Thank you for making this group.
I am looking for several things, types of things.

Art Deco items, clothes of that era and anything else, I do have some but more is definitely better LOL
Also Burlesque AO or something similar, Burlesque costumes or something which can be adapted, modified as such.

Also Koi
Sorry a mish mash I know.

If anyone can help steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
Good Day/ Night all.

Nico Kalani: Arkham has one of the largest, and newest, collections of AOs and dance packs. It's a good place to start your search. 1 month ago
Hi all!

Here goes my request: I'm looking for someone who can create hair for my avatar on opensimulator (in osgrid). I can pay with paypal or L$
Basically is the hair style of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

Jamie Wright: Welcome Monica:) This is going to sound odd but try and find a region that has fantasy/rp/anime type people statues. Sometimes you can unlink the hairs. Q-Mesh on Kitely has a style that's kinda close... 2 months ago
(A summary of a comment to a Frontpage Post). Tigerkitti Eberdene ( has a new sim called Darkness Falls (

Tig is searching for anything Goth related. There is a Hell underground, and in the sky, Heaven (a work in progress. It’s best to visit to see what the place is about. I went there looking for goth clothing, but its also a build with a Gothic theme). Tig invites suggestions and stuff for the build

Tig would also like someone to get statues from a place (not yet identified) that they not able to get to. Can any one help with getting them? We are awaiting Tig joining the group but I thought it would be nice to get some suggestions in advance.

Jamie Wright: Nico, perfect pic for the theme of Darkness Falls:) 2 months ago
Good Morning Good Afternoon! Good Evening!
We have a mall on the Genesis Roleplay Grid that has a lot of original content made on our grid by various creators. Most of us have our own shop and there is a TP board to get around. Lavia has also put out a lot of stuff she has found that is FP. All of my stuff, I made myself, mostly twisting prims. Lavia is the mesh creator. So if you are looking for original content, maybe you will find something you like or have been looking for. I don't intend for this to be about self-promotion, although it is I suppose. I just wanted to share what we have on our grid in case it will be helpful to anyone looking for original stuff.
We also have a shop that is all Selea Core, reboxed, and cleaned up, as a lot of boxes I had found had multiples of the same thing or broken stuff. I fixed what I could, including the swings. What a project that was! I had a lot of things I had never seen anywhere else, so I boxed all of that up too. I know there are some SC fans still and if you are not familiar, she makes beautiful landscaping and other things. She used a lot of scripts, so I have removed scripts that could be removed, like birds and butterflies for less lag.
I am going to share a picture of one of my newest builds, a bar you can put your logo on if you wish. I hope it is OK to post it here. It is a pretty good example of what I make. The stools have sits, and the bar isn't scripted but it is all FP for you to do as you wish. Love this group and everyone in it! Thanks for being my friends!

Jupiter Rowland: I think I should come over and check if I've got any Selea Core content that you haven't yet. 2 months ago

Hey...this might be a place that knows this answer. How do we get to R. Lion these days?

Jamie Wright: Nevermind my viewer found it...woo hoo. In case anyone else is looking it's : ipleasure 2 months ago
What Are You Looking For?
Post about items you are, well, looking for. For outfits, builds, shops, services, and skills, and so on.
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Created 5 months ago by Nico Kalani

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Lynne Lundquist 4 days ago
CyberGlo would it another name besides Canasta?
Nico Kalani 4 days ago
I knew people who made non-working parachutes. They are now dead. Hopefully you will find a working one. My advice...have somebody else test it. :)
FallenAngel Absent 6 days ago
Maybe have a look at Druskus Impero Island, he has a bunch of lights, DJ equipment -->
FallenAngel Absent 6 days ago
R. Lion has a lot of very nice little complete scenes in his animation area... Worth a visit. In my opinion super suitable for photos
Jamie Wright 7 days ago
Not sure what they have for freebies but you could try this place:
Serina Gee 8 days ago
Hi Passion, the only Elas store I am aware of is this one at Camballa, hopefully it's the one you are looking for!!