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A place to pick up free magical items to use in your worlds. Have fun!

How about some target practice ??? I have made a target you can shot with a arrows, guns, or magic wands and the target will show the area hit. When you are ready click the red box on the side and the target gets reset to new! Have shooting matches! Practice your aim! Yes you can god mode it, make it your own, squish it into a ball and bounce it off the wall, whatever you want to do with it... :)
Introducing "The Vampires Magic Ring", now with many bug fixes, and working. Note: It won't work on sims with scripts turned off, or on grids with ossL disabled. It will work great on your dreamgrid, and on various grids you will find randomly all over the hyperverse.
The Vampires Magic Ring. This hud allows you to tp to a person in your sim. kick, ban, eject. toss flaming skulls, swords, coffins, stakes, tombstones, crosses. go invisible, zoom in on anyone in your land, cause a blizzard, and much much more. Open source so anyone can improve it.

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River Unique and interesting free items! This region does indeed feel magical. Great job and thank you!
Phill895 This Region is awesome. Theres loads of cool things to see and a unique free shopping experience!

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Arcfury 18 days ago
Thanks for the tour of that large castle. It was really well furnished and full of unique items.
Dabici132 2 months ago
Thanks for the tour, I am sorry, I crashed ! Love the house and the Magic Store as well
Moora 2 months ago
This sounds awesome! I will visit asap!