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Entry point and info hub of ViBel Grid
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Once the home of the Lorien Elves, the region was depopulated during the Fourth Age until all Elves were gone. The woods and the elven homes have been maintained by the creatures who reside there, hoping l that the Elves eventually will return.
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The Citadel, originally posted by Cutelala Artis on OSGrid in 2012, is one of the most beautiful medieval builds on the grid. We enhanced the build with inside/outside mesh updates and interiors on a 1.5 ratio upscaled size for opensim avatar size convenience. Download the original at http://blog...
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I worked out a solution for initial sitting bug in the NPC Horse (script by Shin Ingen) where the avatar sinks through the horse when wearing an AO.
In the NPC horse script by Shin Ingen in under run_time_permissions(integer perm) FIND
and REPLACE with
list anims = llGetAnimationList(llGetPermissionsKey());
integer len = llGetListLength(anims);
integer i;
for (i = 0; i < len; ++i) llStopAnimation(llList2Key(anims, i));
//llOwnerSay("Permissions Accepted");
If you don't like coding, just hop over to Neiferleaf and fetch the boxed new horse rezzer at the landingpoint.

The river was upgraded today, with a nice realistic looking flowing water.

📝 An Eagle Tour Guide that Flies You Across Regions

I tried out Shinobar Maritek's easy to configure tour guides for balloons (and eagles), cars, submarines (and turtles) with sim crossing abilities. Easy to configure by editing the notecard coordinat...

Lawnmower man is gathering souls at Neiferleaf Castle. Grab your copy of the animated lawnmower reaper ;)

...and we have some unique ways of transportation here at Neiferleaf

Black swan comes to visit white swan family. The lady of the house just loved his red snout.

20190920 - Titan Village, embedded into the landscape at Neiferleaf

Neiferleaf Castle, the citadel today, Sept 2019

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Full of atmosphere. Loving the details. I was truly blown away by the glass window effects in the ruined tower.


Well layed out, the region feels quite immersive. Give yourself the time to take it all in and enjoy the touches of humor. You can almost smell the mossy greens and taste the rain drops on your lips.


This region is so full of atmostphere, you can picture the scent of the natural environment. Very immersive and quite unique.

Shinobar Annex

I have been searching a long time for a Tour Guide Script with sim crossing abilities, and that is just one of her many useful and well documented scripts, that she so generously shares with us. Her regions are fun and I cannot stress enough to just try things out, to discover what she has put under the hood to entertain you. Definitely worth your time. The tour guides are extremely easy to conf...


A marvelously open and warm layout. Loving the views and its atmosphere. Definitely a location worth visiting over and again.

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