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Announcing a new hud... "Wizardry". It is a magical hud with many more powers than all the other huds combined. It was created by a great Wizard in the kingdom of FreeMagic. The Wizard left it, where worthy young apprentices might find it, and use it for good, just waiting for the right one to discover it. The right one is NOT priscilla kleenex. When you arrive at FreeMagic on your journey to find this great power, you must take your time... Amble across the long rope bridge, do not fly or even attempt to. If you attempt to fly the dragon will push you out of the land, if you are pushed out 3 times you will be banned from the land of Magic. Slowly walk across the long rope bridge from the FreeMagic store to the Wizard's castle, then go around back and walk up the long bridge from the Wizard's castle to the College of Scripting Magic. Inside is a test for those who are worthy to receive the hud. But if you flew or attempted to fly, you will not be able to take the Hud. So Be IT as written! You are forwarned! Now a word to the wise young traveller.... The night is your friend.