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An area to spend time and relax with friends and loved ones!
Gaming area, horse riding, dancing campfire, zoo, animals, fishing, lovers cave, sailing, cuddles, mermaids....Adult sim, group members can set home here

Eden's Winter Wonderland is back, so I temporarily changed the landing point for you to enjoy snowballs fight, ice skating, snow bikes riding, and much more!

Eden is home to a hidden water city, the lair of mermaids who will definitely charm you.

falene hawks: bonjour merci d'utiliser la cité Nemo en provenance de chez Falene joli travail, continue 3 months ago
Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding nature and wildlife at Eden.
Ride the orca, sail a boat, visit the lovers cave or Jessie's zoo, and much more to discover!

Added a new TP board at the welcome area because I've noticed people were missing on some spots around the region

New landing point at Eden

To discover the Underwater Observation Deck, you have to click on this big fish tank at the landing point :)

Relaxing at the lovers cave. Hint : You'd better love big trees if you wanna find this cave's entrance :)

Night sailing at Addys Den. Boats are located next to the gaming tree house.

You can now visit our Photostudio and take some great pics :)
300 female modeling Bento poses available.
hg.trianon-world.com:18002:A and A

FEEFEE: i have been there i have used the photo booth and found that the poses are fantastic 11 months ago

New year means fresh start, so Addys place has moved to Trianon grid.
Meet you there for new events and some great adventures :))
hg.trianon-world.com:18002:A and A

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Lillysparks Pretty cool place with a touch of surrealism and a lot of cool goodies. =) I especially liked the hidden mermaid hang out. Good stuff.
RogerRabbit A beautiful region, so many things to look at and places to explore. I heard him sing one, Andremus, I do hope I can her him again Very nice use of a single region.

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scenic, very well done, full of surprises and romantic spots... congrats !!! 5 stars +++
Beautifully landscaped with lots of surprises. This is the kind of grid you go to, take your time to see everything. I particularly liked the Reptile area, and the Underwater Observation Deck. Very cool!!
WOW A and A grid certainly has some special treats for every one not only is there a walkabout zoo and interactive areas you can play and be secluded you can defently feel like you are in the junglethe animals sounds are perfect they have a underwater theme as well you will find most teleporters around the place a games area bring friends and dance at some open fireplaces its for sure one of the best grids ive found very homely and back to nature so find some time to come investigate
great place to come along to chill lots of secret hideaways loads of animals boats u can sail i have been there a few times and walked around is a amazing place