Koelner Dom
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Das virtuelle Köln hat jetzt auch sein Wahrzeichen wieder. Den Kölner Dom. Zurzeit ist er nur von aussen zu betrachten aber am Innenleben arbeiten wir. Auch z...
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under construction

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Full region 20.000 prims all rights, private, commercial, clubs, all you want Join us now :

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Dear friends of art and culture. as part of our Pangea Art and Culture Festival, on November 11, 2022, we will once again present a very special artist, many of...
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Needful Things
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Freebie Stuff made in OpenSim - Moved to Pangea , January 2022 If you do not want to walk around, take Tram at landing area or at Latest Freebies (for ...
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Virtuelles Koeln
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Virtuelles Koeln 2. Sim
Immersive 2
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The opening " BUBBLELAND Veri's Dream IMMERSIVE 2" is on 28. January 2023, 11 Am SLT. Dear friends, we hope you all started the New Year well. And we wish y...
Cloudshead Worldheart
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The fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart invites you to dream, dance, relax, photograph, discover and read, because Cloudshead Worldheart is based on the fairy tale ...
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Hanoi ist eine Sim gebaut von Tutz Zabelin. Es zeigt eine kleine Auswahl aus Vietnam. Es ist ein Verbund aus 3 Sims Hanoi - Mekong und Hoi An
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