Needful Things
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Freebie Stuff made in OpenSim - Moved to Pangea , January 2022 If you do not want to walk around, take Tram at landing area or at Latest Freebies (for ...
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a gypsy camp in the mysterious forests of the Hoia Baciu forest :)

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An entire museum made of images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The central point revolves around the second floor, where the exhibition called “Pain and other crazy ideas” is located. Here the issue of central post-stroke pain (CPSP) is addressed. All the images in the entire exhibiti...

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7 Miles Jamaica
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7 miles is the extension of Bourbon Beach with Rick's Cafe, the blue hole, the steep cliffs where you can plunge into the depths, etc
Bourbon Beach
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a beautiful beach
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An area to spend time and relax with friends and loved ones! Gaming area, horse riding, dancing campfire, zoo, animals, fishing, lovers cave, sailing, cuddles,...
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Virtuelles Koeln
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A place for lovers and explorers to enjoy.
Immersive 2
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The opening " BUBBLELAND Veri's Dream IMMERSIVE 2" is on 28. January 2023, 11 Am SLT. Dear friends, we hope you all started the New Year well. And we wish y...
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Virtuelles Koeln 2. Sim
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