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I love helping people who have an honest desire to learn, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a line or drop me a notecard. Not sure what else to say here so the rest is up to you! Cheers!

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CLOSED - Water region for the time being. Gayven Village is a HOSTILE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY for mean, callous, rotten old queens! While any open minded adult has the ability to enter, be advised that YOU WILL encounter less than friendly inhabitants, the residents and staff are RUDE! The food is t...
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Othello Gay Resort has moved into a LAVA CAVERN and sports an ALL MALE - Leather Theme! We use the latest PMAC powered appliances with thousands of quality animations to enjoy throughout the region, many of our furnishings are made in-house and cannot be found anywhere else. We have several scenario...
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SimGEAR Space Port features a State of the Art Night Club, Diner, Photo Studio, PREMIUM Freebies, Mesh Adult Furniture, Genitalia, 500+ Animation BDSM Dungeon and MORE! Visit our CLONE ROOM for our NPC workshop. Check back often, we are always adding content. Ozone welcomes ALL open minded adults. A...
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Club Othello - Silent Film Theater Presents: Where's the MEAT?

Enjoy a relaxing tour of the ocean on the Planet Ozone Deep Sea Adventure! Another fine example of what you can do with the Opensimworld Roller Coaster Kit!

We've Gone CrAzY with the Opensimworld Roller Coaster Kit! This new entry is the Matchstick Express... This rickety wooden monstrosity is the HOTTEST ride in town! Come to the Ozone planet surface and find out why!
OPERATORS: Are griefers dressed as CHILDREN disrupting the tranquility of your ADULT themed region? ERADICATE them with "Child Gate". A Free and Open script available right here in the Opensimworld Library. ENJOY!

Are you SERIOUS about populating your regions with NPCs? Look no further than the OpensimWorld ActiveNPC Framework. Here is a Video Overview and ProTIPS on using it.

The OSW Roller Coaster Construction Kit is now available FREE in our COPY dome!

Thrill Seekers, come see the BEST NEW roller coasters powered by the incredible scripting talents of OpensimWorld! Get the script in the OSW Library!

NEW AT OTHELLO - February 2020: Ride the 'Perv O Matic'! The ONLY Roller Coaster which lets you GET IT ON!

Our first crowd visitors experiencing VIRTIGO.... the IMBRIUM INFERNO way!

It's HERE! A new corkscrew roller coaster the likes of which you have never seen in Opensim! Visit the molten surface of the Ozone moon and Experience IMBRIUM INFERNO... Warning... This region is resource intensive, a modern computer with optimal driver configurations are required.


Many visitors of Club Ozone at SimGEAR Spaceport asked for a copy of our Laser Lightshow. It is now available in FREE and FULL PERM options EXCLUSIVELY at our Kitely Market Outlet.

Power has finally been restored. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who were affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

NEW! Sep 1, 2017 - We have ENHANCED the Opensimworld Active NPCs Framework and are offering it for FREE in our Clone Room. Get your copy today and tap into the full potential of Opensim's non-player characters!
Opensim: Is it wrong to impose rules on your region?
When you visit someone's house in real life, you would be expected to follow the owner's rules. Obviously, if you crashed the party, trashed the place or caused some other form of disturbance, you would never be invited to return. Further, you could face criminal charges. Here in Opensim we have people who vehemently take offense at landowners who make rules in order to comply with the LAWS of their country or simply because they want to keep their simulation operating with a theme. Is it wrong to place rules on your land and if so, WHY IS IT WRONG?

My understanding of Opensimulator is as follows: Opensimulator SOFTWARE is FREE & open sourced. I have used open sourced software for many years and I rely on it for 90% of my work-flow. Under a separate alias in real life I contribute to open source in many ways, mostly in the area of providing support but I have also been instrumental in software releases.

So... the software is FREE as in Freedom. Doesn't that mean I am FREE to use the software in a way that I feel is ethically or socially acceptable? I did not see anything in the Opensimulator license that says "YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF YOUR REGIONS FREELY OPEN TO EVERYONE" ... "YOU MAY NOT USE SECURITY ORBS FOR PRIVACY" ... "ANYTHING YOU CREATE WITH THE SOFTWARE MUST ALSO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE"... Someone correct me if I am wrong here, but I really need someone to show me where this is documented because I cannot find anything to that effect anywhere online.

The term OPEN in OPENsimulator refers to the SOURCE CODE... You can SEE the code, you can CHANGE IT and because of the BSD license Opensimulator uses, you are not obligated to make your code changes visible to the next person. There is nothing in the BSD license prohibiting you from SELLING your changes to the code. IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU DIRECTIVES ON HOW YOU MUST USE THE SOFTWARE.


ALL ADULT CONTENT 10% OFF until August 1, 2017 - See SimGEAR on the Kitely Market!

YouTUBE: SimGEAR Presents: Opensim Living with Spax Orion. When I have free time, I will be uploading video tutorials which will help some of you enhance your virtual life. Details are on the Ozone Listing. Contact me if any of you have show ideas.