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Amantha_Cooper Amantha_Cooper posted November 3, 2019, 22:53

Houses on Opensim

There are so many nice houses in Opensim however 95% of them you either can't walk through the doorways or you fall through or both. Checking Phantom worked on one house but I've deleted already about 25 houses that I just can't get to work.

Does anyone have a workaround for this for either issue?

Thanks, Amantha


Arielle 11d
Use meshing = Meshmerizer in the Opensim.ini file, even if you are using the Ubode physics for the region. Comment out ; meshing = ubODEMeshmerizer
Not really understanding that.
Arielle 10d
If you run your own sim you need to open your OpenSim.ini file and go to this section:

;# {meshing} {} {Select mesher} {Meshmerizer ZeroMesher} Meshmerizer
;; ZeroMesher is faster but leaves the physics engine to model the mesh
;; using the basic shapes that it supports.
;; Usually this is only a box.
;; Default is Meshmerizer
meshing = Meshmerizer
; meshing = ZeroMesher
;; select ubODEMeshmerizer only with ubOde physics engine
; meshing = ubODEMeshmerizer

and make sure the
; meshing = ubODEMeshmerizer
has a semi colon in front of it and the line:
meshing = Meshmerizer
does not. Then restart the region and your houses should have doorways you can walk through.
If someone else runs your region(s) for you, you can ask them to do that for you.
Hi Amantha you can edit link a single or more prims of the object as long it's not the root prim then set them to phantom and add invisible prims to fix the issue, you may also try both physics ubODE and Bullet, and you also can see the physics of the prim in most viewers. Structures like houses should be uploaded with physics from file and some uploaders avoid that to save time.
Unfortunately, that did not work. :( yes i can put invisible prims in for the problem falling in but I still can't get through the doorways