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Johnny 13 hours ago
I got the message too late, but I did go see it that day, and GRATS for gettin it goin on! :)
Aqua Tranquility 19 hours ago
Thank you I got it and loooove it :)
Marianna Monentes 21 hours ago
That looks just beautiful on you :)
Betty 23 hours ago
A great choker from Marianna on a beautiful neck ♥
Antonia Ling 23 hours ago
I love it!
Rakis Heron 23 hours ago
Sieht aus wie bei mir zuhause. 5 Monate Schnee (Vergangenheit) und von Bergen umzingelt ;)


This group is for all who create and sell their items in OpenSim and their costumers. Here you can advertise your products and update your costumers. If YOU believe OpenSim should be FREE only, this is not your group! But if you believe OpenSim is a place to explore, have fun, create and help each other in an honest and fair way, this might be it!
Join NOW!
If you sell at Kitely Market or inworld, accepting Gloebit currency, you can advertise here. The products you sell should be available to all who is interested to buy. You may also advertise Free offers/gifts, as long as the product is legit.
All comments that can cause drama will be removed immediately without warning.

What to wear on your special date at Valentines day........
All available at my Store at Orchid Heights and at Kitely Market. HG
A Royal name for a casual Shirt......
Shawl and Shirt can be worn separate.
Will fit your Ruth, Sapphira and Athena mesh body (Maitreya shape)

in 3 variations HG (Gloebit enabled) City (Gloebit enabled)
For those chilly days in early spring you might need a cardigan!

'Henny Cardigan' comes with a Shawl, Jeans and Top add-on. In 2 variations! HG
. City

New at DOLLIES .........
Skirt and 2 tops, comes in 6 variations. Classy and very feminine:) HG




Complete Christmas outfit !

Gets yours today at: HG

or City

JESS, High heels !
In 4 variations.
Slink and Maitreya sized! HG City

NEWS for the Spoiled and Classy Girls:

'Monentes Jewellery' also landed at DOLLIES HG .....
Beautiful luxury Jewellery, maybe an idea for Christmas? HG


Join and publish your region. All posts will be checked before publishing! And share this link with others.

I adore Reindeer so much so that I created this little pendant on a black leather neckcord 50KC at

'Tamara' , the right jeans outfit for YOU !
in 5 variations. Comes with 2 tops, white and black.

available at my mainstore: HG City

and at Kitely market:
For Business women:
Make your biggest deal and wear 'Emely'
The boots and bag are not included, but also available in my stores.
in 4 variations

Mainshop at Orchid Heights: HG

at Keng City Grid: City

at Kitely Market:
I got a message earlier:

'I wanted to talk with you about your group OpenSimCreations. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but that name was already used for another group in the OpenSim. It's still being used actually and it's very different from what yours is about. Many years ago there was a website called OpenSimCreations started by Vanish Firecaster to promote open source freebies in the OpenSim.

While the website is no more, the community of builders remains in various places. To see the name used by folks who sell stuff feels very strange, wrong even. Not that there's anything wrong with selling creations, it's just a different thing than sharing resources and freebies. Both are valid.

I'm wondering if you would consider changing the name of your group slightly to respect the integrity of the first and long established pre-existing community.'

So yes, I agree I need to change the name of this group. I was not aware of such group at the time I created this one. But now I do remember. I am sorry, but give me a day or so to think of a new name, Or do you have any suggestions?
These diamond snowflake earrings were created using Brilliant, Cushion and Coffin diamonds. Can be purchased at the Kitely Market.

Dani ...... Ankle boots in 8 variations ..... Maitreya sized.
Patent Leather and different hot Prints. HG

also available at Keng City and Kitely Market

Very nice sexy heels with class. For you? In 4 variations.

Available at DOLLIES HG (gloebit enabled) HG City

Or at Kitely Market:
I have the older sizes in my Freebee store. For people wearing mesh feet size Slink.
'Mia high heels' are available in 5 colours. HG City

and at Kitely market: