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private houses with private land settings for every houses 700 prims to start free so Come live in our Kingdom and be a citizens start your roll in our Village today Role playing MEDIEVAL times pla...

Party Time at Moonrose join us for a Ride back to the 70´s and 80´s.

with our great DJ Cloey
come for the fun, bring your friends to enjoy her great tunes

Heute ab 20:00 Uhr - PARTYTIME

Region is closed because of malice and envy.
Go to modern pseudo puritan lands...

Starting this Saturday!! Come join in the FUN!! :) Share.. like.. and pass this info on to all of your performer friends!! Info..
Come join us for our LIVE Open Mic! We will be hosting Open Mic weekly on Saturday Mornings at 9:00am grid time! Live Musicians, Vocalists, Poetry, Comedy.. Everyone Welcome! Come join us for this LIVE event! Info:
════════━┈ Cates's Acoustic Cafe ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ LIVE OPEN MIC ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ LIVE Musicians, Vocalists, Poetry Writers, Comedians!
★ ════ ☆ 9:00am - 11:30am
★ ════ ☆ Every Saturday
★ ════ ☆ Karmic Drift Region - AviWorlds
★ ════ ☆ Map: Drift
Mardi 20 Avril 2021 ,21h00 (heure de Paris)
Grand Spectacle à ne pas manquer !!!
Rdv à l'accueil de Virtual Dream pour se rendre sur la Grille Serenity afin d'assister à une comedie musicale sur scene avec chanteurs et NPC ,décors fabuleux . Le "Olivia Newton John SHOW"
Tuesday April 20, 2021, 9:00 p.m. (Paris time)
Great Show not to be missed !!!
Meet at the Virtual Dream reception to go to the Serenity Grid to attend a musical on stage with singers and NPCs, fabulous sets. The "Olivia Newton John SHOW"

A volte basta poco , e io sono il poco .... Buon Ascolto
collegati con noi ,

Where else can you create such awesome stuff ? Aviworlds and Glimmerwind, that's where, huge mall for adults, the number one kid's SIM for the littles !!! AND of course...everything is always free to copy, and tonnes of staff available 24/7 to help you out !!! Pop in today !!

peeking in the window!

Blue Lou and the Bloooooz! GasWorks! 7PM

It's da Bloooooz tonight! But BlueLou told us it won't be the same ol stuff! No no no! Lou is gonna bring the good stuff.. Party Blues to keep you up and dancing tonight at GasWorks! Bring a friend or two, or just meet some new friends tonight -- We'll save you space! Always Blues Done Right with DJ BlueLou at GasWorks!

stage area- new look!

entryway- new look!

Cafe - new look!

Cate's Acoustic Cafe - new look!

Cate's Acoustic Cafe - new look!

Cate's Acoustic Cafe - new look!

Curious about Roleplay? Would you like to learn more techniques, and learn about Roleplay etiquette? Please pick up your Virtual-HG magazine and read Fitheach Eun's Opensim Roleplay article!
DJ LadyB Ready to Shine! GasWorks 5PM

Don't let Thursday be a boring night! Come join your friends at GasWorks, and take in some dancing and fun with DJ Lady B! LadyB plays a smooth mix of Blues and R&B, switching seamlessly between the genres to bring a mix of tunes certain to get you moving. Part of a full night of entertainment tonight at GasWorks and we aim to please! Come get your moves on tonight! With Dj Lady B

Today at 5 grid time: Whispering Oaks Cabins Dance Event
Dj Savvy, Dj Noobs, Dj Kris.. until close.

Always an experience with good music in the * Roadhouse *

Fun at the Reggae-Night in *Highlander Inn*

who was the secret organ player on metrogrid well i am back correct i am real back have fun with my

DJ Max Drake gets your pre-weekend party started with Heavy Metal and Hard Rock at Club Equinox 2pm to 4pm.

Come on over and get the party started. Equinox

Today 2 new notables were added to the Main List and list updated.....



Lugo and other Quintonia regions are down for a network upgrade - should be back hopefully in about half an hour.

Mintor and other Quintonia regions are down for a network upgrade - should be back hopefully in about half an hour.


does anyone have FP animations for feeding a baby?

Avast, me hearties! Clan Escotia and The Band will be at Whispering Oaks Events,
Today at 3 Pm Grid-Time, With the new Pirate Stage!

I want to make a small announcement about my big work, what I am doing now) I will inform you about the opening later, but for now, a small advertisement for you.

Springtime has arrived with stunning flora. We will be featuring the regions with flora in our From the desk of... If your region is beautifully landscaped with flowers, please in comments here leave your region or grid url and I will come by for images and info about your region. We will feature you in May! If you would like to submit floral images please send to the pretty sunflowers are Fred Beckhusen's outworldz.
7-9 am DJ Slyder at GasWorks! Morning jump Start!

Fire up the coffee! Grab a dance pad! Settle in for a big helping of Roadhouse style Blues with DJ Slyder! He is going to lay down the Blues like the House is on Fire! Bring your Blues requests as well, if he doesn't already have it he'll do his best to get it for you. With Slyder it's all about YOU having a good time, so join us! DJ Slyder Morning at GasWorks!
On Virtualife you can now buy regions directly from our site.
You will find under buy vl, the payment method, the coin will arrive automatically in your avatar.Unica grid with this payment method equal to Secondlife
Welcome to Virtualife
This is a grid that uses a coin called VL
You will find the way to reload the vl on our site.
With us you can load quickly and easily in complete safety,
you can also exchange them with real money.
Of course, to be part of the Virtualife community to take advantage of all this.
Here with the vl you can buy lands, play machines.
What are you waiting for join us.
Play roulette and slot machine in my sim
Win real money

grid virtualife
MrPeobody 11 hours ago
Due to OVH fire situation Barefoot-dreamers was closed for a few weeks while they re-grouped & salvaged what they could to get back up & running they have New Owners, New Fast Dedicated servers come see what they have to offer Stop in and say Hello To Huga who stuck it through the tough times she's a gem
Hi guys,
check out my latest roleplay-regions.
I am sure, you will love them, if you love Star Wars....
So much to explore...and of course, like always, still work in progress... ;)
BlueLou and the Blues! GasWorks 7PM

Seven PM on a Spring Wednesday! Great time for BlueLou to do some Blues pushin' to get us past the Wednesday hump! New, old, favorites and surprises are what he promises to bring tonight to the GasWorks stage! Bring some friends and join us for some fun! Blue Lou at GasWorks, All Blues, All the Time, Everytime!

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falene hawks 41 minutes ago
poor pagane
Caprica Cylon 2 hours ago
I hope this will be just a break and the region will be open again soon. It is very sad to read this now.
thedeeferry 2 hours ago
I am sorry to hear this. Another one gone. Wtf!
WolfTerritories 3 hours ago
Are you ok?
Woody 4 hours ago
niki stuart 13 hours ago
Lovely Mattie plays tonight in her own inimitable style, be there!!!!!