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Bdsm Sandbox
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Bdsmrlv Adult Sandbox 2400 minutes sex and nudism naked nude is always ok
Hello Folks, happy weekend and health for you all. I have a question again..why do I see some , not all animesh things like a big cube with mouth or teeth? Is it my graphic card that they dont rez or what is it? Can i somehow solve the problem? Maybe nice for Halloween lol greetings Thomas

fun and free kitchen furniture


Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Man


OSG Western Fundraiser 2020

~ OSgrid Friday Party ! ~
Where: Event Plaza
When: in 6 hours [7 Aug 2020 10:30 SLT]

Weekend ! The Friday Party in OSgrid, with DJ Aussie, DJ Quezar,DJ Verna, DJ Lanani, DJ LadyJo, DJ Fearless, DJ Max, DJ Purr and DJ Golbez playing a wide variety of music Join us @ Event Plaza to kick off your weekend ... !

Core productions fashion Show
Where: Fashion Boulevard II
When: in 9 hours [7 Aug 2020 14:00 SLT]

Join us tonight at 2PM on Digiworldz where we will have our summer fashion show, biggie and dinkie clothing in our show with live DJ throughout and announcements on sim stream so please be able to hear music, core productions annual fashion show is happening and you are invited to take a cool beach seat by our pool area come see ))


Red -Party Fetish Style
9-8-2020 /11 am Grid time
all are welcome
Dress code Red.
Music all kind.

I want people to feel at home when they visit Rebelworld. I truly meant to have much more items, and my own creations imported by now for people to enjoy for free. It makes me feel good to share. To give people a place to go that is safe, peaceful, and FREE! ^^ Unfortunately I have not been well, and all my efforts have been going into simply [keeping the server alive]. As long as there is breathe left in my body. I will TRY to keep Rebelworld available to anyone wishing to go there though. :) I cannot add new members due to living in the styx [limited Mbs bandwidth way out here... sorry], and I am already defying logic running the amount I am as it is? lol xD EVERYONE is welcome to look around though, hang out, AFK on my personal worlds. All I ask is? Respect others. No harrassment, and of course. HAVE FUN! ^^ I WILL do more with my published worlds when I am able to. I did work on my published home [added a huge tree with a dance area] awhile back. Added some greenage around the start area there, some games, and a small dance area. But there is a HUGE area untouched there yet. Sorry about that. :o There are MANY other unpublished worlds on Rebelworld. But I made the users owners of their land. So it is up to them if they wish to publish it here. [30 worlds approximately in total making up 438 regions "currently"] As far as I know? People are welcome to view most areas. They just remain unpublished here currently. Have a GREAT weekend everyone! hugs n high 5's ya'll :)

Events area


Fishing area and Open-Fishing game


Many hangout areas within a hangout area lol


Gaming area


Oh boy, this is going to be one hell of a party, with DJ DOC ERSTAD making his debut at GasWorks this morning. Yes! You heard it right! Hidden under that grumbly exterior, is a party animal who loves having a good time, so who knows what's going to happen when Doc takes the stage??? All we know for sure is that he has a vast library of awesome Blues to play for you, so meet your friends here, bring some in, or just make some new ones while having LOTS of fun at GasWorks with Doc!


Come to the Oasis of Four palms to find it!!!!


Cordula Celebrates its 10th Anniversary Year in OSG

Outer Space


fun living room just free for you, with opening doors, one side gives whisky, other side change radio stream

Where: Seanchai
When: 10 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 19:00 SLT]

party at kllub koala
Where: Welcome
When: 13 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 16:00 SLT]

wosy and her merry Band
hewwwo everybody

i will be singing live at four o clock wit da beary merry band

please come dance and has funs wit us smiles
KLUB KOALA CLUB , The Fall isle (174, 208, 27) - General @

Greedy at Recreation Plaza Today 5 P.M.
Where: Recreation Plaza
When: 12 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 17:00 SLT]

Come play a friendly round or two of Greedy on Recreation Plaza at 5 pm

Prim Words Today 3 PM!
Where: Recreation Plaza
When: 14 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 15:00 SLT]

Enjoy a exciting game of Prim words today at 3 p.m. at Recreation Plaza.


:New Release: Summer Holiday Top comes with 9 colors's Photo House


Bei diesem sommerlichen Wetter wieder im Hafen
Back in the harbor because of the summer weather Soundgarden








The Container Store is now open,
some ships already arrived with cool stuff

DJ Ian with Blues, Rock, Funk and Soul 7PM at GasWorks
Where: GasWorks
When: 10 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 19:00 SLT]

New Time! For DJ Ian and his Rock, Funk, Soul and anything goes set at GasWorks! DJ Ian seamlessly moves between genres to keep each set fresh and interesting. His understand of the musicians and the music itself make for interesting listening. Join Ian tonight at GasWorks, and take in something fresh and new! DJ Ian, tonight at GasWorks!


Join us tonight at GasWorks for a rippin' set by DJ Charley Brooks! Charley brings her charm to her multi genre set each and every time she steps on stage. Her music ranges from R&B to Southern Soul - even some disco at times. Thursday is our "anything goes" night at GasWorks, soooo come find out about Charley! We'll save you room, and your feet will move!

...'s Photo House
:New Release: So Sweet Top there will be more soon working on more

We experienced a hiccup with the grid but now it's back online so come on down to Aurlandsfjord and grab a few freebies, relax and enjoy the view and say hello. I am there stocking the freebies women and mens' store. I look forward to seeing you all in Aurlandsfjord. Below is the link, just copy and paste it in the map in-world, click the teleport button and experience a litte bit of Norway in a virtual world. Thank you!



Dj Richi legt für euch auf in der Dance Hall
ab 20 Uhr
Dj Richi hangs up for you in the Dance Hall
as of 8 p.m.

Where: MdM
When: 17 hours ago [6 Aug 2020 12:00 SLT]

Today August 6.2020
@ Craft Grid (Opensim), 1PDT (22.00 ora Italiana)
The Museo del Metaverso and Art Blue present SPIRITUS EST

at the Equinox Club
Thursday 06.August 2020
time: 02:00 pm to 04:00pm grid time

come and join this Party feel the Sound
blow your mind

TAXI: Equinox

New Shop is open now
Neuer Shop ist geöffnet


Rebelworld is live again. All worlds are open. Had to do a restore. Sorry about the downtime ya'll.


Samstag 8. August ab ca. 21 Uhr im Anschluss an Messenger Finney

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Thomas Etzel 41 minutes ago
thank you very much for your reply Jimmy, i somehow oversaw the messages
Jimmy Olsen 3 hours ago
*** FLORA SIM UPDATE *** Added more 2 extra wild weeds (G) and (H): FREE and FULLPERM located at GARDEN AREA (ground area, 2nd floor) BOX 01. Enjoy :)
Cami Frechnase 3 hours ago
I love Fantasy and Harry Potter yyeeeaahhhhhhh
Thaleia Parnassus 10 hours ago
Oops ... I just examined the Firestorm viewer and found the arrows! Please disregard.
Aqua Tranquility 11 hours ago
Steammyyyyyyyy hugs n stuff :D I gotta check dat out one day
MikeyPhillips 11 hours ago
greek greek greek greek greek greek greek greek =)