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Sacrarium grid

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Sacrarium grid
This community is dedicated to Sacrarium virtual world build on the Open Simulator platform. Sacrarium it is one of most popular virtual world who seeks to provide the very best for those who are ready to accept it. This is community of the people which likes arts, freebies, friends and unstoppable celebrations of life. Join to us with open heart and find new friends and news about most sensation stuff in OpenSim universe.
Our grid demonstrates how beautiful 3D Web can be with all possibilities of creativity and humanity. This doors open for everyone how looks for all best in same place. We try to make your virtual experience unforgettable and if you come once then your virtual heart stay here forever. Please, feel like home but not forget you are guest. Respect and friendly there is our second name. Welcome to Sacrarium!
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Created 3 years ago