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opensimworld opensimworld posted September 17, 2019, 18:33

NEW: Chat across the Hypergrid and Second Life with your OSW friends and OSW Groups


We have yet again some news for the OSW HUD.

The HUD is now integrated with our website chat. This allows you to send and receive instant messages to your friends and chat with your group friends from any region in the Hypergrid as well as from second life.

The new HUD is listening on channel 4 for your chat commands:

To message an OpenSimWorld Friend, enter '/4 @userName bla bla...' in local chat
To message an OpenSimWorld Group, enter '/4 #groupTag bla bla ...'

Use the FRIENDS button to see your friends' @userNames
Use the GROUPS button to see your groups' #groupTag

You can skip the @username or #groupTag after your first message.
For example '/4 bla bla' will send the message to the last used @userName or #groupTag.

For the purpose of enabling the HUD, each group in now has a #Hashtag that the users can use. We have set default #hashtags for all existing groups, but you can also change them from the settings page of your group.

The chats are always available from the web. Click the "Chat" link at the top bar in to access IMs and Group Chats from any browser.

For these new features, you can get the new HUD that is available now (Sep 17) in the OpenSimWorld region

And from the marketplace in second life:

Let us know how it's working for you!


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