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DollyDot DollyDot posted November 25, 2019, 15:08

Change picture in Groups

How do I change a picture in a group. I can change a name, but when I upload a picture it does not seem to stick. When I contact the site moderator, I never get an answer. Maybe one of you is smart and can tell me how I do this trick?
Thank you:)
I also have another question: Is this site owned by Sacrarium grid? And is the owner of this site part of that grid? More and more people seem to think this.


Thank you all for your useful tips! But the issue is solved now. Don't ask me how, I did not do anything other than asking the site moderator to help after all you all suggested did not work in my case. And apparently he did. 'OpenSim Goodies is alive:)
Caprica 7d
good news)))
please try Shift+Reload . The image may be updated but you 're still viewing the one from your cache.
DollyDot 11d
Did not work :((((. Hopefully Satyr will solve this issue.
I think Satyr and opensimworld are the same being:)
What if you just delete the old one, log out and then log back in again?
DollyDot 10d
There is no possibility to delete the picture. I did contact Satyr and hopefully he will reply and fix this issue.
DollyDot 11d
I will try that, although I cleaned my Browser cache a few hours ago. But guess you never know do you? Thank you:)
Caprica 10d
Maybe the picture you want to add is "very heavy", I mean the size of the file itself. I checked in my group, the pictures are changing.
DollyDot 10d
what format and size do you use ?
I tried PNG and jpeg 820 x 475
Caprica 10d
I use jpeg to 600-700 kb (now photo 600 kb 1600x1200 Tauron friends)
Caprica 11d
Hey. The picture changes through the "settings" item. Everything should work. Try cleaning your browser’s cache, maybe the picture is changing, but you don’t see it.
Satyr Aeon is the owner who started all this. As far as I know they're independent. There's the OpenSimWorld region on OSGrid with the beacons and such to set up here for promoting regions as well as the Satyr Farm kits.

I don't know the answer about the picture.