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Jimmy Olsen 6 hours ago
*** TRIBAL GREEDY TABLE FIX v.31MAY20 *** FREE AND FULL PERM * I just fixed a small glitch that made a part of texture not be shown at some grids (weird things that happens at opensim....O.o). All fi...
Jimmy Olsen 8 hours ago
I just remind u the Greedy Controller Board (GCB) works on NG tables only! Not at the old V6 tables! And about the campfire table I had fixed: I placed it at TP point so it`s easier to be found.
Kawaii Unicorn 9 hours ago
This is adorable, thank you for sharing and caring hugs
Marianna Monentes 11 hours ago
Zoe Synclair 14 hours ago
Very nice, well set out, no fuss sim with lovely sim surrounds. Good work Alexia, keep it up, we need more Clothing for Classics!
Aqua Tranquility 16 hours ago
where are the scripts I couldn't find the section as in the picture?


Group for people who like to be updated about DOLLIES fashion in OpenSim.
You like fashion? Join this group to be informed about all my new products. On my region I have my main shop but also a huge shop with FREE products. You can also find DOLLIES at Keng City and at Kitely Market.

Happy Valentine!
What to wear on your special date at Valentines day........
All available at my Store at Orchid Heights and at Kitely Market. HG
A Royal name for a casual Shirt......
Shawl and Shirt can be worn separate.
Will fit your Ruth, Sapphira and Athena mesh body (Maitreya shape)

in 3 variations HG (Gloebit enabled) City (Gloebit enabled)
For those chilly days in early spring you might need a cardigan!

'Henny Cardigan' comes with a Shawl, Jeans and Top add-on. In 2 variations! HG
. City

In 3 variations for mesh avatars, Ruth , Maitreya and other models. Skirt and blouse.


New at DOLLIES .........
Skirt and 2 tops, comes in 6 variations. Classy and very feminine:) HG




Complete Christmas outfit !

Gets yours today at: HG

or City

JESS, High heels !
In 4 variations.
Slink and Maitreya sized! HG City

In 5 variations comes with 2 tops (white, black)

Dani ...... Ankle boots in 8 variations ..... Maitreya sized.
Patent Leather and different hot Prints. HG

also available at Keng City and Kitely Market

Legal and I am not allowed to offer them free ( TOS: ), So if you see them Free elsewhere, keep in mind that those are copybotted and illegal brought to OS )
Very nice sexy heels with class. For you? In 4 variations.

Available at DOLLIES HG (gloebit enabled) HG City

Or at Kitely Market:

I have the older sizes in my Freebee store. For people wearing mesh feet size Slink.
'Mia high heels' are available in 5 colours. HG City

and at Kitely market:
.......... 'CECILIA' ...........

Yes also for the business ladies a nice dress :)
Fits Ruth Mesh body!
2 variations in one pack. The silk fabric makes the dress look very luxury and classy. Maybe this is a dress for you? HG City

I am in the mood for .......
And this is the result: 'PAOLA'
Available in 3 variations
Also fits Ruth mesh body
Enjoy! HG City