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Every OSW Debate Ever

Oh here is one I have been accused of and I have also noticed this rule does not apply to everyone: "Stop using up space in the box with more than 2 paragraphs!"

The BDSM Debate
(To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody) ♪
1. "You're just a weird guy from a sad family, You like to spank and that seems kind of sick to me, Please do not post about your monstrosity" ♪
2. "You are mean, I'm so nice, let me do my thing!"
3. "We will not, NO, we will not let it go!"
4. "Let it go!... "
5. "We LIKE to troll, that would be a no"
6. "Oh, mamma mia, mamma mia. Mamma mia, let me go... osw has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me..."

Ad infinitum.

My thanks to Thirsa Ember.
Image courtesy of "Spanky and Our Gang Bang"

I will add some comments I've encountered:
7. "You don't know what real BDSM is."
8. "You are doing it wrong".
9. "The only legitimate kind of BDSM is maledom. Femdom is not legit".
10. "Aftercare is not important".
11. "The only legit BDSM is RL, Virtual BDSM is not the real thing."

thedeeferry: did a voluntary delete NK 18 days ago

You missed another topic that comes around a lot. Criticism of BDSM, and then BDSM people complaining that their feelings have been hurt. Which, wait a minute, surely they ought to enjoy that.

thedeeferry: I am afeared to like this post for fear of someone hurting my feelings. "What goes on under the bridge, stays under the bridge", an ancient and revered troll quote. :/ 18 days ago
The Meaning of OpenSim is...
1. Short for "OpenSimulator" which is an open-source server platform originally launched in 2007 for hosting virtual worlds and metaverse environment.
2. "I was banned from a grid. What part of OpenSim don't they understand?
3. "I was banned from a grid. OpenSim should be open to everyone."

Mike Chase: Tries to find something worth debating in there? Looks more like 2 distinct statements to me 18 days ago

A special prize ought to be conferred on those people who write a 45 paragraph 'comment' reiterating what everyone else in the thread has already said.

Nico Kalani: This can be one in my series of Bad Event Ideas: "Best At Saying What Everyone Has Already Said, But Longer". 20 days ago

The meaning of Sharing Is Caring...
1. A marketing slogan for copybotted content.
2. A marketing slogan for a pro-STD campaign.
3. You can come live in my mom's basement for free, too.

The Biggest Copy-Botters in OS are...
1. Every visitor from AviTron.
2. Every visitor to Paranoid Grid.
3. You are.
4. No, you are.
5. No, you are!

Every OSW Debate Ever
Join us as we take a deep look into the black hole of endless OSW debates about topics like copybotting, fake OSW accounts, fake traffic, trolls, copybotting, bans, child AVs, NPCs, and also, copybotting.

Please, add posts about other endless debates. The aim is not to have yet another debate on these topics, but to comment about what is said over and over and over again about them. Of course, it's also funny if people try to have the same debates in this group too.
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Created 20 days ago by Nico Kalani

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thedeeferry 18 days ago
Thinking..... if I say anything will everyone know I have god mode and know that I know how to use it. Yup, better not comment on this one. roflmao Just kidding. Omg, my pants just caught on fire.
thedeeferry 18 days ago
I must say I do like choice one and two. Although, choice one is probably the best choice for virtual worlds. Besides that, I already live in my mom's basement in the coal bin. It is a dirty job, b...
thedeeferry 18 days ago
did a voluntary delete NK
thedeeferry 18 days ago
I am afeared to like this post for fear of someone hurting my feelings. "What goes on under the bridge, stays under the bridge", an ancient and revered troll quote. :P Oops, I spit a bit while maki...
Pagane 18 days ago
this is not BDSM! For BDSM must have some real size boobs, balls, cocks, fat etc.... must have where to tied and.... Peoples who newer try or watch better to not speak about unknown things. Reading c...
Nico Kalani 18 days ago
I have missed many topics. That is why you are here. :) I haven't seen the BDSM discussion. Can you list what is said about it, good in bad, in the style of "We have already heard this endless times b...