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shawnkmaloneyOSWRS shawnkmaloneyOSWRS posted November 27, 2019, 21:04

Windows SceneGate Viewer is in public BETA testing for all now.

The following is the Wiki and actual download for the SceneGate windows Beta Viewer for public testing and feedback.look next year for the Linux & Mac versions to come.



Get it, use it, and I hope you show up at one or all of the upcoming Friday meetings to tell yer experience and what you would like the viewer to have and do. Meetings are at
And public invites are posted each week with YOUR specific time shown IN the EVENT invite itself. So come help out, just cuz ya can.


Especially in OpenSim there are many Linux users, too bad. :-(
Dorena i still have firestorm viewer and singularity, coolvl viewers in linux for opensim.
I too :-)
I don't understand "especially in", as to who you are replying to or what.No worries, just know that the plans are to have scenegate for Linux & Mac this next year, so cheer up. :)
Thanks Shawn for putting this together and helping others. :)
CHEERS, skål, proost, salut, sláinte, prost, salute, Будем здоровы, or better yet....... Nostrovia! And I'll take tequila over wodka anyday. :) :) :) :)
I also tried it and had the same problem as Aquarius..once I tried to go to the expanded version I could not log back in, even changing back to the simple sorry can`t try anymore :-(
If there are issues we would like to know about them! Thanks to everyone :)

The purpose of the open beta is to help us write the tutorials, faq's, listen to community needs, and capture bug reports so we can troubleshoot issues. This page contains some tips and instructions for reporting a reproduceable bug:
These are things that that need to be known all over the Metaverses, so that at least one person involved in the viewer project can see it and bring it up at the next meeting. IMA is doing some fast work on it's Wiki site to make it as simple as possible to report issues. Remember, this is all public testing. I appreciate you sharing your experience Spot. Thanks. :)
Arielle 7d
Are the meetings in text or voice?
Both, And if it will get ya to a meeting, we're willing to provide smoke signal and sign language "features" :) :) :). IMA strives to make a viewer that is accessible to EVERYBODY, one's with limited eyesight, limited hearing, limited mobility, limited funds and so on.
I have tested it out and Generally I liked it was very similar to Singularity alpha. I first tried with the simplified version and seemed ok but then I suddenly froze couldn't move. I ported to another region but couldn't move again. I also noticed my bento bodie's hands and feet stayed grey and there was a blue and green line around neck and face make up. Even after rebaking n stuff it never rezzed in. Then I set it to extended version tried to log in and I have not been able to log in since. I figure it is because it is too new right now but overall seemed pretty good. Interestingly the http pipeline was by default off. I know firestorm always tells you if you get texture glitches and stuff turn off http for a bit.
I did changed to extended and restarted viewer and i can log in with no issues.
Good to know Aquarius, thank you. I'll pass the word. Actually, I'll pass the whole fricken page, cuz I'm past my self implemented typing limit. :)
Arielle 7d
If using a dual monitor setup, be sure to let it start and load up on the primary monitor to start with before moving the viewer window to a secondary monitor.
I noticed some issue with it never completing a load when on anything but the primary one, similar to some older FS.
Mine is just a Laptop but I wonder if it is Bento compatible or not.
It was forked from Alchemy by Cinder for us - with Bento support confirmed visually viewing Bento avatars. If there are issues we would like to know about them! Thanks to everyone :)

The purpose of the open beta is to help us write the tutorials, faq's, listen to community needs, and capture bug reports so we can troubleshoot issues. This page contains some tips and instructions for reporting a reproduceable bug:
Arielle 6d
Didn't look like it.
HanHeld 7d
From what I've read, it's based on the Alchemy viewer, which is a bit different than singularity -lacking many of the localchat commands, for instance (gtp, tp2 and friends). It's odd that http is off by default since SL and opensim are in the process of dumping the udp networking stuff (or so I'm told by folx who work on OS code).
These are good inputs for the tutorials and faq's. The features you mentioned are not missing but we need to let people know how to find them (hence the reason we are working on tutorials). Here are some tips:

1) If you don't like having the conversations window open all the time, when the cursor is focused on the 3D scene (You can be sure by left clicking the ground first.), press Enter to open nearby chat. This will put your cursor there so you can type and enter things like chat commands. (There is an option gear you can use to keep it open if you like but it normally disappears when you click the scene again or move etc - similar to standard video game usage.) This is useful for objects that need chat commands to interact without covering valuable 3D scene space.

2) To see and/or customize your chat commands, go to preferences (Ctrl P), chat button, commands tab. Notice these by default have a / to prevent accidental command usage but you can set things up the way you like.
I just changed MY chat command for getting back down to ground in SceneGate the other day from "flr" to "gtg". But then again, MY logic is waaaaay diff than a "developers", and thank Larry I'm able to use my own. :)
i did tried that and it good but what is missing is the sun environment in world menu.
Yer right if you are typing about the evnvironment editor, in which case you will go into preferences and then click the "modes" button at bottom left and choose "extended" and restart viewer. Scenegate starts in "simplified mode which has minimal features. You can still choose day, noon, and night settings in simplified under world tab if you go to bottom of menu and choose "sun". :) Thanks for yer input.
Yes i found it and enabled extended and restart viewer. Any ideas how to make chat to open and not too much clicking mouse to each IMs if there is shortcuts keys to do that if you know what i mean?
"ENTER" brings up the chat bar. If that's not what you are wanting, look in ....... Reference:/Shortcut Keys ....if it's not there then feel free to type some more, and I'll bring it up at the public meeting this Friday. :)
Ok eagle, OSW dosen't like that link I gave wants to work, and won't paste the full url, so I don't know a workaround for that since I don't see you in Mewe, and I'm not into typing out a crazy long url. IMAinfo1 (Shelenn Ayres) loooooves to type, so maybe wait for her. :) :) :)
I did looked at it and cool shortcuts. I see when i hit enter and comes up chat oh that cool.