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Touche Touche posted October 31, 2019, 12:33

The problem of spam and bots can only be solved with two-factor authentication

On the screenshot: is another "sacrarium 1-day freak"

On the website, you can enter registration using social networks. Facebook, google, twitter. This will significantly reduce the flow of fakes. Also, you must enter a confirmation of mailing addresses.
Moreover, you can enter the IP filter by country and unscrupulous users.
In all of this I can help the website administration.


Please report fake accounts using the "report" button in profiles
here you need one main button to turn "off Touche"
Touche 13d
Good. I will do.
Please do not forget to remove my bots from the database that I created for this topic.: "Metasploit", "HahBOTFuckWhiteAndBetty" and "FakeSacrariumBot". Thats all my creatures. (If I forgot about someone, you can see my sessions on the server. I and my Wife use three IP addresses only)

The video that I wrote for you is unlisted from now on YT.

...And.. Thank You.
какоё же ты ЧМОООО!!!!
Touche 13d
Living by the rules is it considered wrong for you? I am sorry for the world in which you live. Pray to your gods and change your life for the better.

I warned you all to stop insulting people and behaving as if you were the masters of the world. You did not listen. This is your choice.
Я ТЕБЯ ОСКОРБЛЯЮ, А НЕ ЛЮДЕЙ ))) И я не работаю на публику как ты ....и пишу на русском языке специально....и знай Лёнька ..бог не Ерошка ..видит немножко !!! Закон бумеранга не кто ещё не отменял ..
Touche 14d
All servers store logs of visits, which indicate the address, type and version of the browser, plugins used by the browser, the type of operating system and some other information about the visitor. Moreover, the server firewall stores the IPv 6 address and MAC address of the visitor. If you are illiterate in this area, this does not mean that the people around you are the same.

Your every transition, every click and every action is registered by the server. Even if you use a proxy or VPN, then information about you and all your bots is recorded and you will not be able to hide.

The website administration has all the data on your bots, which can be deleted with one line in the server terminal.
Think it over. Maybe you do not have a place in the network among civilized people? Maybe you get back to where you came from?
You need to think about how you spend your life ... Instead of trolling users.

Семки и пиво хлестать в подворотне среди гопников - это ваша жизнь. Туда и возвращайтесь

(Sorry for Russian lang, guys. It's a personal for this bot. No insults there.)
I speak German, English and Dutch.)))
Touche 14d
i don't care
meget dårligt