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Betty 13 minutes ago
And Osgrid is overvalued ....what is Osgrid ? ... a clan of maximum 20 miserable techies, together with their alts and hundreds of dead accounts !! Sacrarium is the leading grid in opensim long ti...
Betty 2 hours ago
OSgrid has a management and decision issue .... Sacrarium was banned, by jealously, from an Arab-French member of their managing team some months ago (actually was a techie programmer thinking great ...
Marianna 3 hours ago
The jewelry has all been updated, it should be much easier to obtain now. I found so many mistakes, like some was set for sale still, it just shows you that no matter how many times you check someth...
Candyxhaven 4 hours ago
well .. that is why i ended going to another grid... Osgrid doesnt allow many places..
vladimir 4 hours ago
OSG ? je te pensais sur Virtual dream
Pagane 9 hours ago
AMAZING GREETING TO VISITORS.... [06:40] Cad Friendly: If I had a face like yours Pagane.Succubus, I would SUE MY PARENTS!


Hey guys, my new Northside Farm and Mall is being built, it is on a 5x5 and it is shaping up to be better than ever. Northside is going to be a mall for those who want quality and great service. This place is going to have something for everyone. This group is to tell you guys about my projects and let you know how the build is coming along. A chat that will be a place for all to let me know what they want to see there, so come by and see what I have done and let me know what the community wants to see.


Today I am working on texturing my first buildings on Northside.


Today I am texturing the first buildings on this huge 5x5 sim, loving the opportunity to show you that I love building this fabulous place. I expect this to be a long road but a pleasant one.