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Luxor is an Egyptian/Sci-fi themed art region located on Wolf Territories Grid and is Luna Lunaria's primary home on the Hypergrid, open to the public 24/7. Luxor is best experienced by using Shared Environment and medium to high graphics. Additionally, if you only cam or fly you will miss the sounds and songs at each major area, which are an integral part of the work. Feel free to explore or roleplay with a group, and you can also film as long as you credit the region. Nothing is currently for sale here but eventually I'll open a little shop of antiquities.

A tidbit from the Luxor build. This hypergate takes you to Lunaria on Mobius Grid

Mistressdalgato: beautiful, is that hypergrid for sale? would something similar as a decretive piece 11 months ago

Working on a meditation area under the main causeway at Luxor

Fun with Building - the main access from the harbor is now complete. I'm the tiny little speck on the stairs to the left of the lower access opening. The style of the region is less ancient history and more like my take on a Stargate vibe :-)

Adding layer by layer to the Luxor build

Steadily working on Luxor

More detail on the main harbor entrance. I'm the tiny little white-haired figure near the base of the left statue :-)

AnaKathy: sehr schön 1 years ago

Started work on the main harbor entrance. I'm puttering in the little pontoon boat at the bottom.

Kashi Takeshi: Great work Luna. 1 years ago

Luxor is coming along nicely

Jerralyn Franzic: Worth a visit, I love it... I LOOK SO TINY THERE, I'm not worthy LOL :) 1 years ago

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Johnny Rebel Your builds are truly awesome. I could spend a day just exploring your worlds. Thank you for sharing. Egyption themes are really intrigueing when created so well. :)

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Great... I love the work you've done thus far. I'll be back :)