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Blue's Bayou's Bayou 0 Users
Swampy, Fishing and boating. Ride Air boats and Pontoon boats around the swamp try your luck and catch the big one :)
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Paradise Cove Cove 0 Users
Beautiful Beach, Home of your massive luxury yacht and beach club.
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Magical Kingdom Kingdom 0 Users
A little bit of Disney's Magical Kingdom 9 regions to explore
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ShipYard 0 Users
Starships mostly from Startrek and others, A build area for galaxywarz Grid
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Galaxy Welcome Welcome 0 Users
A new Sci-Fi Grid This is the landing point with portals to take you throughout the Grid
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StarShips 0 Users
Star trek Prim ship models on display
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StarWars 0 Users
A 64 regions Star Wars role play being built. Tatooine City and a secret rebel base. All set in a huge desert. Vehicles and walkers. Still under construction come visit all ideas are welcome :)
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Airport 0 Users
64 Region Var, Many many planes and helicopters testing the Ubode physics. Lots of fun jet skis and boats are a blast.
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Mad Maxx Maxx 0 Users
Massive Mad Max driving experence through the ruins of a city that once was. Beware of the roaming dead, Who wander this lost land.
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Waterworld 0 Users
64 Regions of Boat Racing, Jet Skis, Hover Crafts, Kites, Islands to explore and the famous Beach Babes Club. All located in Lost World Grid. Walk into the portal and your there :). Have fun
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Tornado 0 Users
Largest Roller Coaster in Opensims, Located in Lost World
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Devils Playground Playground 0 Users
Halloween or Vampire RPG its all here a very scary place.
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Galactica 0 Users
Remake os the massive ship Battlestar Galactica all in prims, Built on a 3x3 Var
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Enchanted 0 Users
Fantasy style forest with a WHOLE lot to explore, Set on a 2x2 var
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Fantasy Land Land 0 Users
A land of Fanatsy, A new look at Fantasy through Joe Builders eyes. Explore and have fun.
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UnderWorld 0 Users
A massive scale underground Grotto. Adding Ruins and places to explore. With a Lara Croft film feel.
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Endor 0 Users
The Forest moon of Endor a Star Wars experience, 16 region Var with speeders for the series we all love. Explore or RP its all good fun.
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Borg 0 Users
The Borg Ship by far the largest in this solar system with over 3000 alcoves, As seen in Star Trek series.
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Smokin Joe's Joe's 0 Users
Biker Style Club with a collection of my fav cars and bikes.
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RaceTrack 0 Users
4x4 Race Track Using UbODE. Cars on rezzers come and join the fun
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Ancient Rome Rome 0 Users
A massive remake of Ancient Rome in a 4x4 Var. Lots to explore a real one of a kind.
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Mermaids Cove Cove 0 Users
A 4 region underwater fantasy land, Take a tour in our Yellow Submarine
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Enterprise 0 Users
Full Scale all Prim Model of the USS Enterprise on a 2x2 Var. Great to explore or get involved in a Role play.
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DS9 0 Users
Building a Replica of Deep Space 9. Currently under construction on a 2x2 Var.
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Castaway 0 Users
A 2x2 tropical Island Great for Exploring
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Helicarrier 0 Users
Constructing Marvels Helicarrier as seen in Avengers. A on going project.
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Destination Dinosaur Park Dinosaur Park 0 Users
A 16 region Dinosaur Park fun to explore and to see many Dinosaurs, Just be careful you don't get eaten.
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Speedway 0 Users
A massive race track 36 regions all inside a huge cave. There is presently 2 rezzers with some formula 1 cars inside. Rezz one and jump in. There is a timer set up to check your speed. More to come stay tuned.
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Flight School School 0 Users
Flight School is a Huge Airport with Planes and Helicopters you can learn how to fly. The best planes available are here, Come and give it a try its all good clean fun.
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Temptation Island Island 0 Users
A tropical beach like no other, 4 regions of all tropical and a rockin club. A must see in opensims come and relax and most of all have fun.
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Terrarium 0 Users
64 Regions of Boat Racing, Jet Skis, Hover Crafts, Kites, Islands to explore and the famous Beach Babes Club. All located in Lost World Grid. Walk into the portal and your there :). Have fun
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HogWarts 0 Users
(OAR) Is for SALE.....4 regions of Harry potter, Castle, Harry's House and the city. Everything is there a visit you can't miss Located in Lost World Grid.
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Lost World World 0 Users
Everything under the sun, In just one location. Largest collection of Sci-Fi, Beachs, Elven, Caverns, Ancient Rome, Race Tracks, Combat Zones etc.
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Another View of the ShipYard in Galaxywarz Grid

New Reef in Lost world

New regions online at Lost World

Everything under the sun, Explore the wonders of this Grid. Like no other in Opensims

The Swamp has some upgrades, Be careful of the Alligators tho They may bite. Buggy's in rezzers along with Air Boats and Pontoon.
Fishing poles located all over in this 2x2 Swamp. Its like no other enjoy.

Come and see what we got. Walk into the portals , And see the wonders of Lost World

Lost World Grid OAR's are for sale, Come and visit Lost World Grid and choose from many regions we have for sale. Here is the address.
See ya there.

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City of Tor

:( Joe don't have access

Prim Grass World

Visit this place, Who don't love grass?


Someone found the SL portal to do there shopping and building. :)


Is Roxy Gellar the opensim police? lol

Lost World

Seems like Magnumfortyfour is extremely jealous, His comments fueled by jealousy is not amusing. Lost World is registered with DMCA should i say more?

Gateway to the Stars

Not a negative comment but Star Trek is based in space not lots of building on the ground. I suppose different people have different views on how it should look. There is places (grids) that have lots of ships and one can role play in space as it should be. But it does have a sense of star trek within Gateway on the ground.

The Nightmare

Another SL rip off, This guys a Joke

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Penny Heberle 2 months ago
I think he did a wonderful job, I loved touring it all and took lots of pics... shame some people just have flame others.