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Starships mostly from Startrek and others, A build area for galaxywarz Grid
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Galaxy Wars Welcome
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A new Sci-Fi Grid This is the landing point with portals to take you throughout the Grid
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Star trek Prim ship models on display
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Galaxy Wars Tatooine
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A 64 regions Star Wars role play being built. Tatooine City and a secret rebel base. All set in a huge desert. Vehicles and walkers. Still under construction come visit all ideas are welcome :)
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Galaxy Wars Galactica
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Remake os the massive ship Battlestar Galactica all in prims, Built on a 3x3 Var
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Galaxy Wars Endor
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The Forest moon of Endor a Star Wars experience, 16 region Var with speeders for the series we all love. Explore or RP its all good fun.
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Galaxy Wars Borg
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The Borg Ship by far the largest in this solar system with over 3000 alcoves, As seen in Star Trek series.
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Big Cypress Swamp
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Full Scale all Prim Model of the USS Enterprise on a 2x2 Var. Great to explore or get involved in a Role play.
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Constructing Marvels Helicarrier as seen in Avengers. A on going project.
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I got this thing for Airships lately got a few in the oven :)

AnaKathy: WOW, where can you see them? 3 months ago

Still not sure what this is yet lol :)

Misty_Falls: Looks kewl.... Great addition for a Satanic SIM... Now where did that sacrifice run off too... Rofl 4 months ago

New project, Next one will be better :) Stay tuned
(Nexus Textures, Joe Mesh)

Ellen: When is the private tour? 5 months ago

Formerly Lost World but with many Updates and a few new regions. Oar's are for sale for anyone who wants them. Many types of regions, You name we have it. Come and look around.

Ellen: Lots of amazing things to see here! Ask for the personal tour :) 5 months ago

Tython a Star Wars World Base planet for the Jedi

Joe Builder: If Interested in Star Wars Role play visit the welcome area make a account. March 1st The role play will begin with a few people from SL as well will join this venture. Clothes and weapons/meter is lo... 8 months ago

I'm thinking I need a bigger storage yard this One is 16 region Var and has 300 sci-fi ships.
Stacking them is no option. My map pic, since this pic was taken added 6 more ships.

StevieZee: How about putting them on plinths so they look like they flying 1 years ago
Its Mothers Day, So here is my Ha'Tak Motheship its 256 meters in length and built with Prims and some mesh.
Interior is complete, This ship is part of the Star Gate region in Galaxy Warz Grid. More ships and builds coming soon.

Just one of the Starships From the collection in GalaxyWarz Grid. When i find time
the interiors will all be done. Most ships are 2 regions in length. And all are Prim Builds..

OpenSimUser: Very nice job so far, cant wait to see the finished result. 1 years ago

Very old prim Build in the region called Ha'tak, Larger ships are in the sky.
Star Gate scene in Galaxywarz Grid all sci-fi.

Luna Lunaria: Mine was inspired by the Ra mothership 1 years ago
Oars Built On demand

We will build you any OAR within a 2x2 Var or a Single region.
Contact Joe Builder at for a quote.

Another Look at the Club located in Welcome area in GalaxyWarz

New Welcome Area at GalaxyWarz Grid, Its Jabba the Hutts palace.

Another View of the Hutts Palace, The club

New Welcome are in GalaxyWarz Grid. Its Jabba the Hutts Palace.

Just in Time for Halloween, Scare your friends with this Creepy Build. Comes with a bloody dance floor inside the Castle lots to see in this region.
Unlike anything in Opensims..

It's almost Halloween and don't miss out on the scariest region in Opensims.'s Playground

Inside the Devils Playground in Playground. Photo shows just the club area outside
is loaded with scary explore the castle and graveyard its raining there bring your raincoat. See Joe Builder to get this OAR
and details behind it.
Barrier Reef located in Reef one if not the only best looking reef in opensims. If you like reefs try our Mermaids Cove. These 2 OAR's are for sale to anyone interested.. See Joe Builder for info..

Another View of the ShipYard in Galaxywarz Grid

New Reef in Lost world

New regions online at Lost World

Everything under the sun, Explore the wonders of this Grid. Like no other in Opensims

The Swamp has some upgrades, Be careful of the Alligators tho They may bite. Buggy's in rezzers along with Air Boats and Pontoon.
Fishing poles located all over in this 2x2 Swamp. Its like no other enjoy.

Come and see what we got. Walk into the portals , And see the wonders of Lost World

Lost World Grid OAR's are for sale, Come and visit Lost World Grid and choose from many regions we have for sale. Here is the address.
See ya there.

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City of Tor

:( Joe don't have access

Prim Grass World

Visit this place, Who don't love grass?


Is Roxy Gellar the opensim police? lol

Gateway to the Stars

Not a negative comment but Star Trek is based in space not lots of building on the ground. I suppose different people have different views on how it should look. There is places (grids) that have lots of ships and one can role play in space as it should be. But it does have a sense of star trek within Gateway on the ground.

The Nightmare

Another SL rip off, This guys a Joke

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