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Home of the Black Ring Society. An open business network and functioning representative government. Bookmark us at www.BlackRingSociety.com to stay current with important business. Read Covenant, please.
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A few important details to announce. Games will no longer be our focus. So I am going to redesign the theme. By hand, so don't laugh at my ugly junk, please.

WAYLAND is now open to representative government. If you would like to participate, please read Covenant or bookmark my page BlackRingSociety.com

Support levels of at least 1 USD per month gets a spot on "the list", a directory of preferred providers for my group. 1$ price mark is available for a limited time only, so get grandfathered in while the oven is hot.

I need participants to decide where my donation of 100 USD will go December 15, 2020. Read all about it on my page or the region Covenant.
Free Raffle for 100 T$
When: 2 years ago [24 Jan 2020 18:30 SLT]

Grand drawing to be made, and extra prize for early birds.

Last event I gave away 260T$ in free currency, and I didn't see you there. Just ask for group invite to be elligible for early prize. Be there at 18:30 PST (6:30pm SLT) and ask for invite or touch VIP machine.

No purchase necessary to win. Simply touch the sign I will place out, and it will select a random winner. Winner must be present to win, or another drawing will be made.

This is an "adult only/18+" world.