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Opensim Virtual
Our community is dedicated to constructing virtual worlds on OpenSim platform. Opensim worlds look like popular virtual worlds in Second Life project with the same viewers and game mechanics. But there is one feature: most things here is free and open source. Today, OpenSim has hundreds of servers around the world and thousands of user avatars. Avatars can travel via Hypergrid teleport from one open world to another which can be on servers all over the world. This platform is developed by a group of independent developers from different countries. Our community interested with last news and new features in OpenSim and looks more interesting things from the virtual life. Many of us have own virtual regions and grids. We are happy to share with each other the latest events and interesting things.
If you are interested in virtual life, then join us today and tell about your world and new goods in your stores. Discuss your buildings with friends and share screenshots with us. Be friendly and respect others. Welcome to our community!
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