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Ruth and Roth

Ruth and Roth
A group dedicated to the free, open-source, low-ARC, low-lag mesh bodies Ruth2 and Roth2 (formerly Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0), made in OpenSim for OpenSim. For now, it shall put a particular focus on the current fully BoM-enabled incarnations Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2.

Ask questions, answer questions, talk about your experiences — and show us pictures of your avatars based on Ruth2 or Roth2!
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Created 8 months ago

New Comments

Jerralyn Franzic 1 month ago
Oh yeah, I definitely recommend every adult avi grab this hoodie! I already have one of my alts sporting it. I should grab my own ASAP LOL it's awesome! Ladies, you will have to use your body's alpha ...
Allie Dawson 1 month ago
Thank you!!! I HAD missed that post.... SOMEHOW!! :)
Jerralyn Franzic 2 months ago
Love it! I ought to make myself a Ruth avi (and a Roth for one of my male alts). I have a few in SL land for when I want to travel light over there. You're right about the searching part... something ...
Aaack 7 months ago
I'm very happy that turtleneck can work on a mesh avatar, thanks for the picture man!