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Because every day should feel like a day at the beach...

Catena di Isole everyone is welcome here πŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸŒŠπŸ’• di Isole

This is Def heaven! Thank you to @LillySparks and team! Visit Lilly at her Grid Tumbler to learn all about surfing and to see her incredible region! πŸ„β€β™€οΈ
Look who stopped by Lilly to try out the waves and board!! @JamieWright cuts through the waves like a seasoned pro! Thank you for stopping by Anna and checking out the surf! Thank you Lilly setting us up! Looks like we have competition !! Yayy

Lillysparks: this just brings me joy. haha 9 days ago

Lovely @Lillysparks is here teaching me all about surfing! Yayy! She is the coolest #surferchick EVER! Thank you Lilly for making my surf dreams come truuuee! πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

Lillysparks: awwwwwww this just made my heart melt! Today was fun. Keep doing what you do lady! hugs 9 days ago

Cozy little coves at Catena di Isole. Everyone is welcome here di Isole

Lillysparks: that is adorbs I gotta come check it out tomorrow=) 20 days ago
Thank you @CuteulalaArtis I appreciated the help today setting up your excellent red coaster on our Catena di isole beach. Please stop by anytime and ride this great coaster it is thrilling! You have a great view riding it with nice photo opportunities!

Classic lovers, I have new mesh skirts for you.

Antonia Ling: I love skirts... 1 years ago
Classic Closet is now complete. I have more clothing added, purses, and this cool backpack. Swimsuits, lingerie, and jogging suits - all for the classic avatar.
I added a shop to the Catena di Isole Freebie Mall "Classic Closet". I have decided to wear the default-system-classic avatar and in doing so I decided to create clothes to wear and give what I create freely. I will also give out Fate Mesh clothing that I have textured with a texture-changing script giving you multiple choices. The clothing fits Classic Avatar wearing Alphas old school but I am diggin' it! Thank you Jamie Anna Wright for the inspiration. You can find the clothing store here I have a bit of lingerie and hosiery too~

Star Ravenhurst: Congratulations on opening your new shop! I am so excited! I use a classic avatar I have had forever and to have another source for clothing is AWESOME!!! Thank you! I will visit soon! 1 years ago
Staying in a Gypsy Wagon for the weekend is a unique way to experience the virtual outdoors. It's like camping, but with a bit of added luxury and comfort. This wagon provides a cozy and private atmosphere, while still giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. The earthy scent of pine and the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze creates a calming atmosphere here. Consider booking the Gypsy Wagon for your weekend stay with the Weekenders at Virtual-HG grid di isole
Time to get away for the Weekend.
I have established the VHG "Weekenders" Travel office at the Catena di isole sim. Stop in to learn about all the VHG destinations. While there pick up a Backpack filled with everything you need for an enjoyable weekend. Sandals, Shades, Sunscreen, Fishing pole, Map In the near future we will have cottages that you can rent free for the weekend. It is a fun way to R & R away from your own grid for the weekend. We will be adding the cottages soon.

Marianna : Did you ever want to R & R away from it all? Step away from your grid for a moment and come hang out for a weekend at VHG. I have added cozy cottages around the grid. Reservations are now open. 1 years ago
Our welcome has been updated so that you will land centrally on the sim. I had been using the Telehub with spawn which you disable the Direct Teleport. In doing so you are then not able to teleport within the sim. I knew this but had been so busy, lots of distractions that I set my welcome up obviously not thinking. So I have removed the Telehub so that visitors can teleport within the sim and I moved the Welcome HUB.
The good news is all of you who have visited who could not teleport within sim, you can now. Thank you Suzan Von Otter for bringing it to our attention! Thank you Robin Ridley for being patient, lol sheesh some grid owners ya know?

Marianna : AMV Residents who have had issues teleporting to the VHG Grid I apologize and looking into why. I teleported to AMV to check if HG is working and it is-I have visitors who are making it in okay. Nob... 2 years ago

End of summer at Catena di isole~September 12, 2022 di isole Make sure to pick up aquatic plants, fish, sounds, and even a complete bar! All at the landing.

I was asked to add more clothing for my Rigged Mesh Avatar "Camille" . I have added two new skirts "Midnight Lace" and a top that matches both skirts. This is a pretty black/magenta floral set. I will be adding more clothing for the Rigged Mesh avatars. If you are wearing one of the avatars and would like more clothing, please let me know which Rigged av it is you need clothing for, I will create as time allows.

Marianna : I just updated "Jasmine" to V3 I added two new swimsuits. 2 years ago
We have a new merchant offering beautiful free dresses at Catena di isole Freebie Mall. Robin Ridley has a goal to create 100 free dresses, next time you visit please check out her shop 100 Dresses. We have one shop available free to rent. This is a freebie mall so please join us if you have created items you would like to share freely. We strive to offer new content not yet seen around the metaverse. di isole Welcome, Robin! I bet you will exceed your goal so I better increase your store size :)

River: I am very excited to come for a visit! 2 years ago
Catena di isole is now completed. It has been such a pleasure building this sim. Thank you everyone for visiting it has been nice chatting with you while I built this sim. Everyone is welcome here. Robin Ridley will be adding a new store to the Freebie mall so stay tuned for the ads. Please stop by anytime. di isole
Au Naturel-Private-Clothes Optional Beach-No Children avatars allowed-We understand you are an adult roleplaying a kid but please respect our rules. You will find the private beach on the eastern side of the sim. di isole

The Hypergates are in. The skull gate worked great! If you would like a free skull gate I have one placed in front of the Monentes Jewelry store.

Rivendell-Home of the ElvesΒ 
Outworldz 200th Free OARΒ is a very special one: the third in a series of six OARs to be released to you under the exclusive use license for the Hobbiton Collection by Darkness Papp.For exclusive use only in DreamGrids CC-BY-NC
Thank you @FredBeckhusen and @DarknessPapp!
#oar #oars #FerdFrederix #DarknessPapp #FredBeckhusen #OutworldzDreamgrid
I set out pretty sea plants and gif fish I created for you! I have added the link where I found great sea plants free, it is on the note inside the box. Thank you everyone for stopping by it has been excellent seeing you about! Stop by anytime!! di isole

We invite you to explore Grid
Thank you to all of you who have visited, it is much appreciated.

I just updated ROXanne with a few new kinis for summer. Please find the store at the new Catena di isole di isole

Just one beach at Catena di isole...a place to unwind. di isole

I just put out a little thank you gift to all those stopping by to see our new welcome! I added tropical sounds to the region and placed them free/full perms for you at the landing. Parrots, waves and beautiful tropical bird whistles. Enjoy! di isole

Just in time for summer pool parties! di isole

Marianna : I want to thank Bibiana of Encantada! I just rezzed her Bahama Mamma/Blue Lagoon Drinks and love them thank you!! 2 years ago's new welcome region Catena di isole, Benvenuta. Most of the updating is now completed. Please stop by anytime. di isole

I have two cute beach rentals Free, You can stay as long as you like. We have all the amenities, the grid is Hypergrid accessible. If you would like a small shack overlooking the sea, this is it. Please contact me for more details.
Catena di isole the new welcome - The freebie stores have been filled, Virtual Grind coffee shop opened if you haven't stopped by to see our new welcome please do. We look forward to seeing you. di isole

I decided to move the Rigged Avatar store to the new Welcome area at Catena di isole Please update your landmarks!

I have added the Virtual Grind coffee shop to the Catena di isole welcome region. di isole a nice place to start the day, please stop by anytime. Grid has an updated welcome region Catena di isole, please stop by and enjoy anytime. Because everyday should feel like a day at the beach. di isole

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