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Unique red sand beaches and wild terrain compliments the frothy blue sea which happens to be filled with the best surf waves available. Visitors can use the surfboard rezzer at the landing any time night or day. YES the landing is in the water. Put on a swimsuit or wetsuit! Or ... stop by the little beach shop there and grab new ones (they are very cool too) . A lot of collaborative scripting, endless testing various physics engines and a longing to REALLY shred the waves like a pro surfer inspired this spot, called Surf Quest. There is so much more too. Shops with cool collectibles and adult scenes made to be used in landscapes ... pretty amazing stuff. Do not be shy - come SURF! Explore. And say hello .

Snowy beaches wont freeze me as long as I keep this sexy wetsuit on! Come get one! The 3-d textures are amazing and they come in 5 Hud- driven colors. Nothing stops a surfer girl from getting in the water.

VetteCarVerTM: Beautiful Lilly. Thank you so much for helping me. You are awesome!! Big hugs. 3 months ago
Totally original textures for the Holidays on this darling little dress. AND In the box I included full perms blank mesh and texture maps so you can have fun designing your own dresses for whatever season you wish. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Special thanks to Mistress Delgato for modeling with me for the set. =)

Mistressdalgato: that one lady looks so familiar lol, good picture. 3 months ago
Do you see? Finally a surfboard rezzer for the public to take home has been released - and a surfboard design kit so you can make your own cool board and use it in the rezzer on your sim (bullet enabled). This is after months and months of obsessing with several people and it still gets updated every few days. BUT this is the very best available surfing to date in Hypergrid / Opensim. Please come grab your copy and also make sure to send me your finished boards ( a copy) so I can hang your creation on the wall of designs by locals. Fun! Merry Christmas, ,much love.

I could not resist!

Mistressdalgato: lots of fun surfing there, when we can buy a version lol 3 months ago

Grid Tumbler Beach Gallery at Surf Quest - visitors always welcome =)

This adult themed build called "Surf Date" now includes a few physics c*ck enabled adult animations for those of you who like those. Come grab a copy right off the beach or test it out. Just know that there might be someone near with binoculars if you do. =)
The waves are finally running in the right direction, and the textures are nice totally custom. I need opinions of the surfing action now. Let me know what you think after you come try the waves in world. Thank you!

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Lynnestra Parker I had a blast here. Tried my hand at surfing, it was a blast! Lily has art there too. Beautiful pieces. Bring a friend and wear a swimsuit. You will have fun too. :)

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