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Builder of many products both inworld and the internet. Left Secondlife after 14 years. Now on the HG trying to create a better experience.

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About Myself

EX Senior Admin of AviWorlds. I have moved on from there and in the process of moving to a new grid as well as setting up my own smaller one on my own servers, since I already have servers and plenty of new space.

My Interests

Create and build with code, virtual world tools and things in real life.

Favorite Quote

Success is measured by how high you bounce after reaching bottom. G. Patton.

Music I Like

Trance, Techno, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal.

Films I Like

Blazing Saddles, Meatballs, Rambo, Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, Conan the Barbarian (Original), Patton, Terminator, Kelly's Hero's, Gladiator, Braveheart, Caddyshack, Forrest Gump, Dirty Harry, Good Bad and Ugly.

Books I Like

Sun Tzu Art of War, Art of the Deal, All the classics,

My Heroes

Batman, 6 million dollar man, Capt. Kirk, Eastwood, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Patton.

My Regions

Amoa Nude Beach Nude Beach 0 Users
A public ADULTS ONLY professionally designed and built, high quality nude beach and swinger resort for you to enjoy. Human and Nude Only. High complexity level and. Coastal Afternoon windlight recommended. Experience Nude Samoa!
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I wanted to say how delighted we are at how quickly Amoa has grown in popularity. Everyday, I and my partner Robin, receive compliments and comments regarding how much people enjoy Amoa. It has been our goal to create such a place for most people, in which we try to provide a little of everything for everyone.

But none of this would be possible without Barefoot Dreamers and it's staff Huga, Gabe and Luna. All 3 of which are the nicest, kindest and helpful people you could ever meet. We are honored to be a part of their grid and glad we are contributing such a wonderful place for all. So please reach out and thank Huga Bug for being the best and kindest grid owner to date. While you are at it, PLEASE check out BarefootDreamers grid and explore. You will find, most likely, what you seek and maybe more.
Launch Day
Where: Amoa Nude Beach
When: 2 months ago [5 Aug 2021 16:20 SLT]

All Day and ALL Night. Come experience a day of nude Samoa. Let your inhibitions down and explore this massive, professionally designed and built region that will transform your day into a fun and relaxing tropical experience.

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My Reviews

Silver Springs

I have always admired and enjoyed your work and builds. You have achieved providing that down home feel. Great region for RP and simply just to relax and admire. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a country feel and environment.

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