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Home of HG Safari, with information about our weekly hypergridding trips. Self Guided Tour hub - themed trips on art, science history, film etc.
Free items, including mesh clothes at Meshanthropy store, also on the island.
PLEASE NOTE the photos in the slideshow are of Destinations visited by the Safari group, and not pictures of our sim.

Two wildly different experiences this week on Safari
Thanks to our hosts, Tonino Lane on Craft, and Roy and Versa on Mobius Opensim is full of people, and positive creativity, tolerance, and diversity, no matter what you may have heard to the contrary !
A journey back in time into the ingenious past
Glorious fighter planes and massive crashes
Plus, the full action replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRZa3ZMJhuw
If you are in Facebook, feel free to join the HG Safari group there to see many more reactions and photos and info from the rest of the Safari crew.
Two great trips this week for the Safari
Thank you so much to Trouble Ahead and all the Catronians, and to Kitely owner Ilan Tochner for our great visit to Kitely
Thanks to Andron Rae and the glamorous Chilli Bean for letting us come to Sharingiscaring to see Brigadoon
If you'd like to see what happens when 20 people go hypergridding...
and https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2024/05/andron-raes-brigadoo...
plus the vid by the ever brilliant lifted pixel

Thirza Ember: For the record, Jup, that wasn't barf. 13 days ago
A brilliant light and sound show, and the end of an era; a significant grid-birthday, a new art collective, and the stupendous cyber mesh of Symphony... something for everyone, even the trolls...
Here are a few recent highlights of HG Safari which, a few days ago, also celebrated 10 years since our first trip ... Happy decade to all safarristas.
This week on Safari - a glorious walk around GermanworldGrid, a nd the welcoming delights of Ocean Grid, plus all the latest news about 3rd Rock Grid.
If you're curious, read more here:
So many beautiful places and nice, drama-free things going on in Opensim.
Thanks to all who came on Safari this week to visit Karsten and Lavia's great builds! For the full story, do check out the Safari blog, or watch Lifted Pixel's walk through of the event on Youtube

Luna Lunaria: I really wanted to participate in this one but RL work held me hostage :-P 1 month ago
A new season of Safari began on Wednesday - thanks to all friends, old and new, who joined us to visit CyberGlo on Wizardry and then Jimmy Olsen on Europa, with Xenon Darrow guiding us around Jimmy's build - both spectacular and informative places.
Here's the Safari blog posts, telling our story - plus, a few pics of the really lovely build by Lampithaler that premiered yesterday.

Luna Lunaria: This was a fun tour :-) 2 months ago
This year's first season of HG Safari ended last night with shrimp, lag, art, unexpected naked butts, jokes, sand swimming, and friendship.
If you're curious, here's where we went... to see AI art
and then for a concert in a flooded city center
Thanks to the 20 different hosts who made this season possible, and looking forward to starting up again in April!
The first Safari season of 2024 is drawing to a close with just 2 more weeks to go! Join us if you can, it's Wednesdays at 12 noon Grid time. If you're not familiar with what we do, here is a recap of recent Safari trips
we learned about some Camera magic on Atlas
We time-traveled Back to the Future with Akira and Samira
We discovered dragons on BFD
... and learned a bit about Nasti on Soul Grid, for Valentines.
you're very welcome to join our next trip, or to get in touch, so we can plan a visit to your region!
Last week's Inworld Review looked at how Mumble could be a good alternative to Vivox, as both Jeff and Cyb have mentioned here on opensimworld in the past. Here's a bit of a deeper dive into the different ways people could - starting today - use Mumble for Voice. By snowbody Cortes
More fun out on the HG with a growing crowd of intrepid group tourists.
First, a biker racetrack that boldly goes beyond your expectations with SoS BAD and SIWAS
then a magical venetian evening with new friends, talented builders, and an amazing concert.

Aphra Hendrix: oh i missed the group visit, will check out on my own.... looks very interesting! 5 months ago
This week's HG Safari trip was a 3-parter.
1. For the last time we checked out all the Freebies from 60+ grids and regions, on the Hypergrid International Expo Park, which is preparing for the next event in April. Join the opensimworld Group for updates https://opensimworld.com/groups/1041
2. SKY HAZE the installation by Cherry Manga can now be visited any time, read the blog post to learn more
3. A tour of Treasure Island by its creator Tutz Zabelin - gorgeous in every way!
The new season of Safari began yesterday with two outstanding destinations ...
For this first season of 2024 we are one down and 9 more wednesdays to go, if you missed yesterday, here is what happened when we went to
New Orleans with @MsCaladium and
the Guggenheim build by @ToshaTyran
Would you like to have the safari come visit your grid or region? Send me a DM and let's get planning!
The Safari group trips are on break until January 3 but there's so much to see out there, HG Safari blog continues, here are some cool destinations on four very different grids - a dark castle, a Christmas paradise, a fantasy universe, and an Italian oasis of architecture... happy hypergridding
The 2023 fall season of Safari ended this week with two great visits!
First a load test, related to the upcoming Opensim Community Conference, and second, an interactive science build by Caro that's hilarious!
Thanks to @CaroFayray, Nara Malone for being such lovely hosts,
You can watch a replay of our trip here courtesy of Lifted Pixel
HG Safari returns in January. If you have a region that you would like us to visit, you can Im me here, or on OSGrid to fix a date.
what a great Safari trip to visit with @SamsaraTimeless and @Hyacinth on Groovyverse, and then Lorenza Colicigno and Tonino Lane on Craft!! Are you tired of reading the Boring Box? Take a look at the Safari Blog, or watch the whole thing in replay courtesy of the fabulous Lifted Pixel! and then, of course, get out on the hypergrid and visit somewhere spectacular. The best cure for negativity is creativity.
Hilarity and creativity on film...
The past few weeks of Safari trips have been... trippy!
Escape from the ordinary, and get out there to visit some amazing regions.
Here are a few of our recent adventures.
In each case, the address of the region can be found at the end of the post.

A trip to Bridgemere to learn about Dreamgrid
Ancient Egypt with Luna Lunaria
Victor de Angelo's impressive mall
An evening with Whirli Placebo and his music
A tour to George Harrison's 'real' place - by Mudpuddle Cleanslate, on Littlefield Grid
Fabulous Neverworld with a triumph of a build by Nexus Storm

HG Safari -out there exploring opensim! The past couple of weeks have taken us to a re-creation of dreams, a community in the tropics, an African sanctuary, and an audience with a famous grid owner. Lots to learn and to laugh at ! If you missed our trips, here are the words and pictures

Thirza Ember: I forgot to add this link. If you have never been on the Safari trips, and would like to see what it looks like, Jessica Pixel livestreamed the last event, here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/wa... 9 months ago
Safari returns with a roar today at 12 noon SLT with a visit to Dinkies and Dinosaurs on Discovery Grid! Join us if you can we depart from hg.osgrid.org:80:HG Safari where you'll find the details of the trip.
Can't come? There will be the usual writeups on https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/ a big thanks to @ShalHeira and @KayakerMagic for making this wonderful debut adventure possible!

Thirza Ember: wow thanks to everyone who showed up to the event, about 25 of us (including the naked and the clouds!!) If you'd like to see a few pictures, here are the links https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/09/w... 9 months ago
Safari will be back after the summer break. In the meantime, the HG Safari blog goes on.
If you missed it, you can catch up on this week's hg news about... a milestone, a romance, a manor, and a festival
Four blog posts exploring more corners of opensim - a futuristic region with a mech theme, a set of portals inviting you to explore art all over the hypergrid, a new initiative to help French speakers network across grids, and an interview with one of opensim's best loved artists.
Recent posts on HG safari cover many subjects:
self guided tour portals,
a sci fi region full of cool vehicles,
an offer of a free art venue on your grid,
and the end of an era for a famous freebie grid.
Thanks to @Symphony @nyxbreen @Xinashi and everyone else who made these posts happen!

How many women writers are celebrated on this build at NoiLab?
Brilliant build by Tonino Lane and dreamt up by Lorenza Colicigno...
A must for all booklovers...

Thirza Ember: Fun fact: the world's best-selling author is a woman, Agatha Christie. Go ladies. 12 months ago

There's a beautiful new art show curated by @victorialogan - opening beginning of July. Here's a sneak peek... https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/06/art-and-friends-comi...

Anatobotanica ! What does it mean? How was it built? Cherry Manga's new build is a must -visit, here is what Cherry told us when we toured on Wednesday https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/06/anatomy-of-artist.ht...
... almost as exciting as camping for money to buy freebies.

Luna Lunaria: I love Cherry's work in Opensim 1 years ago
Big thanks to Govega Sachertorte and the 40+ people who joined us to see the Jerry Garcia Archive! Curious to know what's in that archive? Check out the Safari blog here...
Whether you're looking for an educational build, some real world art, or just want to meet Arnie on vacation, nothing could be finer than Tosha Tyran's Angkor Wat. The Safari visited the temple and environs, and learned some curious things about the builder...https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/06/toshas-towers.html

Luna Lunaria: I love large detailed architectural builds like this one, done with great textures and environment settings. I wasn't able to make the Safari tour due to RL work obligations, but I'm placing this reg... 1 years ago
What a difference it makes to visit a region and get the guided tour. Amazing Shapeshifter sim on OSGrid has a story to tell...
Part one of this week's Safari trip
Trips to Kinky and to AMV this week, two quite astounding builds, more than meets the eye in both cases! thanks to our lovely hosts and grid owners for making it happen.
Thanks so much to our wonderful hosts on 3rd Rock and Neverworld grids and tothe thirty odd brave souls who came to see two great sci fi builds. If you missed it, catch the highlights of Week 1 of the new HG Safari season here:
Thank you so so much Caro Fayray and @Xinashi (Nico) for being the hostesses with the mostesses... this was the Safari visit yesterday. Just one week left of the season...
Thank you so comuch Caro Fayray and @Xinashi (Nico) for being the hostesses with the mostesses... this was the Safari visit yesterday. Just one week left of the season...
Thanks so much to @Amaranthim and @Hairy and all the Bridgemere crew for letting us invade their airspace. Ditto to Dr Dave, the ever lovely Youca and all the Burners for a great train ride.
If you missed the insanity on Wednesday, here's the gen:
Interested in the nutty side of hypergridding? Consider joining our group here on OSW https://opensimworld.com/groups/1033
Thanks so much Dorena and Anachron, and the great Foxx Bode, for letting us see a bit of opensim History yesterday!
Missed the Safari trip? You can read what they had to say here:

AMAZING hosts @CCI Grid gave us an unforgettable tour this week on Safari, and the sailing on Alanna was a treat! Words and pictures here: https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/01/seaside-safari.html

So much brilliant creativity on Safari this week
Cuteulala's amazing new music device, and the great role-players of Carima Grid.
Bored by the frowzy drama of The Box? read on, and go exploring instead.

Tomorrow Safari starts again! hope you can make it https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/01/back-in-busy-ness.ht...

Thirza Ember: Thanks to everyone who came along, and to our fabulous hosts. If you missed the trip and are curious about what happens on Safari, or would like to visit the places independently later, here are som... 1 years ago
Here's a roundup of some of the things that happened in Opensim in 2022.
What did I miss from the list, and what was the biggest virtual event on your grid?

Fun for Xmas day - another ephemeral Hunt by Ange Menges and Nani Ferguson.

Safari is on hiatus, in the meantime here's the backstory of a cool place to visit https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/12/sand-castle.html

Thank you Walter and Camryn for sharing this gorgeous build with us all.

Thank you Nico for that wonderful final destination of the year. Everyone should see your sim and read your words!

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There are just three Safari tours left this season, then we take a break until September
the next safari is the final one of the season. Safari will begin again in April.
thanks all who participated in the Safari cornflakes events. We have 360 days to get ready for the next one!
this week Bridgemere and Groovyverse... bring your good vibes!
HG Safari tours begin again on January 4 with the amazing Hal 9000 build on 3rd rock!
This week there's a lot of very big art on Aedifex, so come prepared to turn up your draw distance!
We go to Digiworldz this week. If you have not been there before you may have to click a link to confirm your identity. It's a good plan to try this out before Safari time