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Are you a peace maker? Are you a peace maker or a troubler stirrer? Do you do things to escalate situations or do you calm down people and settings? Who are you? What do your actions say about you to others? Do you always find conflict? Do you have friends that turn into enemies all the time? Do you know how to have friends? Try operating from a base of love. Not siding with one person or another person, but loving them both. Try to understand what it would be like to be either of the people involved in the argument, and why they feel so strongly about the situation - even if they are polar opposite one another in their beleifs. How do people arrive at entirely different sides of an argument 180 degrees apart? How can a view point change the meaning of words from black to white? Is it perspective? What can you do to help? Are emotions heated? Is anyone getting hurt? Is what YOU are doing making the situation better? What kind of person are you? The bible says that if you think everyone else is evil, that it is actually YOU who are evil. Learn to love everyone, and always always operate from a base of love. Are you a peace maker? or a trouble maker? Does your joy come from stirring up strife among people? Ask yourself if that is the case why your joy must come from darkness, instead of light? What is wrong with you? How can you change to become a better person?