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Owner of Zone Nations
Ex Owner of Clone Life
Owner of Community Builder Italia

I have been developing Italian language files for over 12 years for Joomla extensions:
Community Builder

I teach through the Community Builder Italia site how to build communities and social networks with OpenSource products.

I land in OpenSim in 2010 in both OSGrid and Cyberlandia.
After the closure of Cyberlandia I decide to open the first Grid in 2011 Clone Life which I close due to asset problems on 2019. A week later the Zone Nations Grid is opened, which I currently manage.

Zone Nations Grid is a small reality where the spirit of sharing is within everyone's reach.

Under Lokdown period I took advantage of the grid for events of the Italian JUGs - JOOMLA User Groups involving in particular the JUG of Milano Centro getting about 40 people access and giving them a new experience of immersive courses and trying to raise awareness of the use of both JOOMLA! and OpenSim.

I like to build in both prim and mesh (I use Sketchup and very little Blender).

I enjoy sharing my experiences and passions and helping people in need.

Being the developer of the Italian language of JOpenSim I know the product very well and can help those who need it to the understanding and use. Also advising how to optimize one's site.

I have been quoted between 2010 and 2014 in books by the publishing house Hoeply in the texts "Doing Business with JOOMLA!" and "Creating Community with Community Builder" both written by Prof. University of Federico II of Naples Roberto Chimenti and I am quoted as a reference at the Italian level for Community Builder and Kunena extensions.

My Interests

I am a person who loves to help, I love technology, and I enjoy discovering new limits

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5 0 login.zonenations.com:8002:JUGProject 0 Users
JUG Project is the region dedicated to all worldwide Joomla! User Groups. The need for this region arose basically to help and raise awareness in the use and understanding of Joomla! and the use of JOpenSim. The region is divided into 5 spaces. 1. Learn about and understand the use of Jooml...
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Impero Island
29 19 login.zonenations.com:8002:Impero Island 0 Users
We have resurrected Impero Island, it is one of the old sims we had on Clone Life (closed in 2019 and a week later Zone Nations is born) and it was very busy and appreciated by OpenSim users. The sim is now on Zone Nations and is still focused on providing entertainment content, Discos set in vario...
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18 3 login.zonenations.com:8002:HGWelcome 0 Users
Zone Nations Landfall point for all HyperGrid users. This Sim was created as a landmark for native content, made in our grid and taken in other grids. The sim was created to bring together artists, photographers, and is a romantic place to stroll and meet new people who enjoy the tranquility amon...
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New Mesh Concert Stage "BEATS LIVE" available for all free scripted commands turn on and off lights, headlights that follow you! Smoke machine included! Media streaming included!

Great: I saw the post about this stage and went to see it. I did not expect to find myself in entertainment heaven. A region complete with everything you need to organise events. The owner is a very humble a... 2 months ago
On empire island we have released new fully mesh disco creations! Exclusive! New animations over 2500 BENTO MoCap dance animations sorted by couple, woman, man and unisex dances! Come and visit the temple of animations!

Auf Empire Island haben wir neue Disco-Kreationen komplett in Mesh veröffentlicht! Exklusiv! Neue Animationen über 2500 BENTO MoCap Tanzanimationen sortiert nach Paar, Frau, Mann und Unisex Tänze! Komm und besuche den Tempel der Animationen!

Sur Empire Island, nous avons sorti de nouvelles créations disco entièrement en maille ! Exclusif ! Nouvelles animations plus de 2500 animations de danse BENTO MoCap classées par couple, femme, homme et unisexe ! Venez visiter le temple des animations !
¡En Empire Island hemos lanzado nuevas creaciones discotequeras completamente en malla! ¡En exclusiva! Nuevas animaciones ¡más de 2500 animaciones de baile BENTO MoCap clasificadas por pareja, mujer, hombre y bailes unisex! ¡Ven a visitar el templo de las animaciones!

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Druskus: With great pleasure and thanks to this post, I want to thank Thomas Etzel for giving me back some of my old discos that I had built on Clone Life and thought were lost, they are now available again fo... 3 months ago

falene hawks: formidable bravo 6 months ago

📝 To all friends and non-friends of OpenSimWorld!

Zone Nations wishes everyone a happy 2023 and may it bring much joy to you and your loved ones!

Druskus: We have resurrected Empire Island, it is one of the old sims we had on Clone Life (closed in 2019 and a week later Zone Nations is born) and it was very busy and appreciated by OpenSim users. The sim ... 1 years ago

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Violazione di Copyright, si appropria degli oggetti altrui senza autorizzazione, venne a chiederla, ma negata, apporfittatrice, Chiudendo una grid non si indica che i copyright diano autorizzazione ad appropriarsi di oggetti altrui. Appena leggerà comincerà ad attaccare come è sio noto fare... ci tengo a precisare che: Mai dato autorizzazione, mai detto di essere un grande builder, mai asserito ...

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