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1. Keeps posting the same crap
2. Insists on unpopular or false statements just to trigger you.
3. Craves negative attention, while pretending to be a victim.
Starvation. Resist the urge to feed it!
- from "Troll Removal 101" in 'Internet for Dummies', 1983


Han_Held 13 days ago
The 2016 elections proved that not all trolls are motivated by attention. This is equally true outside of the U.S. ...especially here on opensimworld, where a fair amount of trolling is done for the sake of destroying competing clubs and competing grids or just destruction in general.

I'm constantly reminded of an old saying: "the fighting's so vicious because the stakes are so small". For the folks fighting over *whatever* ...this is all they have.
Symphony 13 days ago
1983?! whoa! { hello world
Misty_Falls 13 days ago
eeekkk a troll !!!