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The fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart invites you to dream, dance, relax, photograph, discover and read, because Cloudshead Worldheart is based on the fairy tale of the same name that I wrote a long time ago. Over the next year, I will open the entire book to you, chapter by chapter, on the SIM Cloud...
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Wir feiern den Geburtstag von Marlon Wayne! Komm und gratuliere auch ihm! DJ ist der wunderbare Kashi
We celebrate the birthday of Marlon Wayne! Come and congratulate him too! DJ is the wonderful Kashi

Montag, 23.08.21 – 19.30 Uhr
Monday August 23 - 10.30 AM

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Location: Worldheart

Find the marketplace and the story begins.

Finde den Marktplatz und die Geschichte beginnt.

Trouvez le marché et l'histoire commence.

Sim opening
Cloudshead Worldheart
Presentation 1st chapter
with Franz Hofmann and Lampithaler
➩ Saturday, June 12 - 8.00 PM PST
➩ Saturday, June 12 - 11.00 AM PST

Followed by concert with
✰Andremus Miklos
➩ Saturday, June 12.21 - 9.30 p.m.
➩ Saturday, June 12 - 12.30 PM PST
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Location: Worldheart

The Pangea Grid presents
✰ Torben Asp
Electronic ambient chillout music
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The Pangea Grid presents
✰ Torben Asp
Electronic ambient chillout music
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➩ Samstag, 22.05.21 – 21.00 Uhr
➩ Saturday, May 22 – 12.00 PM PST
Picture & Photo Art Exhibition , Poesy and JAZZ Music 27 March 2021
Start: 12 AM - Open End
Opening of the art exhibition in the large art hall in Cologne.
Followed by art and jazz in the large art and event hall on the Flora .

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It is very impressive and designed with great attention to detail! I love this place!

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