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Happy New Year to all Opensim grid owners and users alike. I just want to add my thoughts as a few others have on the past year. We have all seen growth or maybe a decline in our grids and even so far as to have our grids banned by other grid owners. Isn't it bad enough real life has tossed us a pandemic to deal with. Losing Family & Friends we have cherished for years to a sickness we can't get control of. We all come online to escape real life even if just for a few hours, to forget our troubles and just have that bit of time to relax, have fun ... and maybe meet a new friend or two.

I recently had one of my users come to me and say why am I banned from such and such grid? My answer of course is "I have no idea no one has contacted me about any issues." I can tell you this ....if I have an issue with a user visiting my grid I am going to ban the offending user/users not the grid they came from. Banning the whole grid for the unfortunate actions of 1 or 2 users in my opinion is childish and very unfair to all the good users from that grid that have the same lets have fun and meet new people and share what each of us have to offer mind set. After all isn't Opensim supposed to be about offering a place to enjoy the free time you wish to spend online when you access a grid?

I and my partner have and will always try to offer a peaceful and enjoyable experience for users of our grid. If you have had an issue with one of our users please don't ban the grid ban the offending user/users and please feel free to contact me regarding any user from the grid. I am one of those No Tolerance for crap people that will not stand for a user tarnishing our grid by doing something they shouldn't. They want to do that crap it's time for them to move on find someplace else where it's acceptable or get their own grid. We have already banned and deleted one user for unacceptable activity and I am not afraid to do it again if needed.

I like to think and I'm sure I have shown to many visitors I am a very reasonable person to deal with. And I try to act on issues ASAP so the grid is enjoyable for users and visitors alike. See something you don't agree with message me and lets talk. Have a user issue message me and let me know so we can get any issues resolved quickly so we can get back to enjoying our grids and members.

Lets make 2022 a year of change for each of us in Opensim. Lets enjoy our online time helping each other, providing fun places and content for members and visitors to our grids, and working together to resolve any issues that arise in an adult manner.


Trizaria Hunter
Owner/ My Virtual Beach
Rayvn's Roost Designs