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I like music and fun

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Funk, Soul, Regaetton, EDM, Salsa

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Ryzen 5 5600g, 16 GB Ram, Nvidia GT1050 2 GB

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Monday 19th, 8 PM SLT...Opening !!!
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The best place to listen music and dance. A new disco club concept in Opensim. 80ยดs, 90ยดs, Regaetton, Salsa, Rock, Disco and more...much more !!!
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I share the sentiment towards the people of Ukraine, I also became sad with the people of Iraq, or Libya, Yemen, Somalia or Pakistan. But I didn't see flags of those countries when the U.S. invaded them. It is curious to see how it is OCCUPATION when the US invades a country, but when another world power occupies a country it is called INVASION. We should put politics aside and think only about the suffering of those countries that are illegally occupied by others.

Caribia Zsun: All wars are illegal there is no right to any country to invade to another one and in my opinion we should be thinking humanity not taking sides nor thinking whats legal in wars. 2 years ago

We present the best EDM party for today. We wait for all friends to enjoy it !!!
Where ?...of SOTO CLUB !!! Club

If you miss last wednesday have another chance. Today, 1PM at Soto Club. You never forget this party !!!

I believe, in my opinion, that "war" is founded on envy of the success of a AVITRON... who took advantage of the greed of a grid (Sacrarium) to attract users to their grid, and on the selfishness of some copiers who claim as their own the creations of SecondLife creators, who are not involved in this fight. If you learned to copy and upload your copies, you have 3 options ... 1) you share it with friends ... 2) you share it with the entire Opensim community ... or 3) You don't share it with anyone, only for your personal use . But copiers claim to receive recognition as "Gods" just for knowing how to use a copybot very well. Sacrarium is a good grid, but...IS PART of is beyond than Sacrarium. You want Sacrarium copys ?...make a Avitron dont want Sacrarium copys ?...stay quiet in your grid. Its easy. Just...respect the other users and make your own life.

Do not miss this party, you are going to have fun like never before in Opensim. Dj Snoop and Dj Lady will give you the best moment of the day at Club SOTO

You never lived a party like DEJA VU...July,19 th we open at 8 PM SLT...make sure you are there VU