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Formed in 1965, Pink Floyd are probably one of the most loved groups of the Psychedelic era. Their 15 studio albums from 'Pipers at the Gates of Dawn' to 'The Endless River' spanned 47 years.

Floyd were renowned for their sonic experimentation, live performances incorporated lavish light shows and quadraphonic speaker systems. Concept works such a 'The Dark Side of the Moon' and 'The Wall' played on repeat on many bed-sit turntables of the 70's booming out the dark themes of alienation, war, insanity and dystopia.

Art surrounded much of Floyds output, cartoon illustrator Gerald Scarfe provided his disturbing ink-splattered caricatures for the rock opera 'The Wall' and their albums most often featured the work of surrealist graphic designer Storm Thorgerson who also produced covers for Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, the Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, The Muse, The Cranberries and Biffy Clyro.

Housed in the re-creation of Battersea Power Station on the Art Factory estates, the artwork of Pink Floyd is presented along with 3D recreations. Pink Floyd radio is permanently live when ever you need a sound track to close you eyes to and become comfortably numb. Look out for live shows and events coming soon.

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