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Waterworld Lovely water paradise offering a tour with a ferry to get great views of those various islands that can be discovered by foot, some by vehicle. Very relaxed atmosphere, places to dance and cuddle, you even find a sauna near a glamping spot. Very detailed ferry harbour with a hotel and several shops to visit.


Great build, really love the textures and the layout. Very well done!


A piece of art. Worth to explore, even for people not in the GOR theme. The owner seems a dedicated builder and delicately combines own creations with findings from all over the grids. Thumbs up.


Amazing! Thank you for your wonderful objects. I am so happy to find originals. Great job! Thank you for all the time and work you put into this.

Bellmar Islands 26

Nothing there apart from 2 empty rentals and a little girl. The occupied parcel is not from the avi that promotes this landmark


Great. Love the wonderful combination of old and new, all these wonderful artworks and imaginative settings. Thank you for sharing your imagination and creativity with us!


Great layout and a big thank you for the recipe at the landing point. Very fine landscaping, really enjoyed my visit here.

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