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Thank you all for making "Wizardry" a great sim. I get hundreds of visitors here! People come to get magical gadgets, or the famous magic huds. I've had so many people pick up copies of the witches hud, the fairy hud, the elven hud, the vampires magic ring hud. I've even had a few people pick up copies of the most powerful magic hud of all, The Wizard Hud. In addition gadgets like the x-ray spy device which let you see active scripts around you when you wear it as a hud, and gadgets like the person lag detector, which shows how much lag people around you are causing. Paw Prints, Magic Aura, Magic Sensor and many of the gadgets have become your personal artifacts, and you have become my friends! This photo is a new remodel of the magic shop in Wizardry, with everything neatly organized and strewn about haphazardly all just for you. P.s. check out the tiny golden chest at the front of the store, it's just brimming over with magical witch items! :)