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The Land of DragonFyre... This oar available on outworldz (just type outworldz and oar into google), is a 15 story castle, with a wizards house, a church, a beautiful forest, a lake, a micro beach, automatic npc's, massive dungeon, and even flying dragons that never stop flying. It has 2 caves, a light house, a unicorn, and a cappucino machine. This is the one to get. Make it so #1. If you are anybody that wants a land that is already premodulated in the dureum this is the place for you... A masterpiece of virtual artistry! And there's even boats and a submarine. :O OMG! If you don't git a copy of DragonFyre, you ain't got it! >:( The #1 First Place oar winner in the 2021 grid region competition for best in overall design and use of space. Don't be left out! Git ya sum!