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The Vallands , host of

VallandShop : My little Shop, Some items of my own creations

The Love Box : a place where you can share your fantasy, desire
about those lovely Tgirl, trans, transgender.

Glossy Islands : Sailing, rental, romantic shacks

Complete Rental System v1.0

. Two types of lands renting:
Rent Owner : Renter own the land
Rent Group : Renter get group privileges
. 3 ways of calculating pricing:
$Sqm, $Prim, $Fixed
. Price set on server and or Rental Box
. OS$ Money system ( $G Gloebit)
. Rental unit settings:
4- or 8-weeks mode
. Display Rentals with Cards
. Automatic group Invite (or not, as you wish)
. TOS Distribution
. Output Statistics on Notecard or MySql DB API

Complete syteme comprised of:
. Rental Box
. Rental Server
. Kiosk Browser
. Map Kiosk


Lone Wolf: *** DO NOT TAKE THIS ITEM FROM THE SHOP *** Apparantly I just come to rip off ideas, when in fact I could build myself anything you have. 2024-02-24 08:12:42 Lone Wolf http://grid.wolfterritories... 8 days ago

Glossy Island Home Rentals


Aaack: Mysterious lore! 16 days ago

Come by the Valland shop and see our new release.
NPC Companion new release 2.21

thedeeferry: This sounds fun! ●ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ)♪♪(ノ゚∀゚)ノ● 19 days ago
Glossy island is proud to announce its home rental service is now renewed and offers more houses at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking for a vacation from your grid or simply a place to call home, come see us. We have a few rentals available.
Come see my latest creation at VallandShop,

SmallThongBulge is a rigged thong bulge for the athena Body.

features :

Rigged mesh Thong

Hud can stay and get out of the way

Easily remove your thong with button

4 Bulge size : from Tucked to Big

36 Textures to choose from

Materials aspect on/off

Arielle: Some nice other items there too. Loving the NPC hud! 1 month ago

The Love Box have been revamp, come see those beautiful girls.
Hypno sections have been added to your pleasure.

Arielle: Interesting, will defo be coming to look. 3 months ago
The Love Box.

Welcome to the Love Box, a naughty place where you can share your
fantasy, desire and fetishism about those lovely
Tgirl, shemale, femboi. All done in respect of each other.

Its all about being you, no shame on what you desire, no shame
on who you are. Just be yourself, your color is what make you unique in this world, Cherish your heart, and it will sure bring you what matter the most for you.

And in all that, its all about love, love of yourself, love of others.

Now with Hypno session.

Come see the latest production @ ValLandShop.

Choose from Multiple storey layout (6,12,26,42,52,102)
or create your own storey layout with a simple notecard.

All floors are accessible with staircase or elevator

All Apartment come equipped with
Large loft without divisions
Access to the elevator
2 balcony

3 Penthouse :
1 -- access to the rounded roof
2 -- access to the green surronding garden
3 -- access to the top floor 2 storey loft with pool

2 Elevator

Name each level as you like (3 alphanumerique)
Name each Apartment as you like (3 alphanumurique)

* Unfurnished

Some new creations @ VallandShop
This time a Nice gong :)

Some new creations available @ VallandShop
Everyone welcome.

Merry christmas everyone.
Joyeux Noel a vous tous.

Our little community!

Thirza Ember: let the panda-monium begin 1 years ago

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HarperHeld A wonderful region with a little bit of everything, and promises of more to come. Valerie's a talented creator and builder and I'm looking forward to what else she does in OSGrid!
Jamie Wright Beautiful region hosted by a talented creator! Great work Valerie:)

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Incredible work! Lovely region.
Hey Everyone Come and check out Ms Valerie store some awesome stuff please leave a comment and LIKE the store
The NPC companion is amazing, such a great work!
Photo Studio doesnt work
NPC Companion doesnt work
Thong doesnt work
Teleporter doesnt work