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AnatoBotanica is the name of the current sculpture collection I am doing IRL under MVN name, my initials.

Inspired by the connection (and the lack of connection) of human being in its environment, the nature.
Made of organic shapes, hybrid creatures comes to life with the use of moss and a lot of gold paint on PLA which is a bioplastic, sometimes clay and paper are added for the finest parts.

To introduce this new art form I am experiencing in opensim, I chose to show a glitched version of the real space I work from, my home.

My home is my shelter, but also my workshop.
The stones of the walls, the plants and animals living in the garden, are themselves an inspiration. Observing birds, bees and butterfly, listening to their songs, watching these creatures feeding from flowers, those simple « little things of life » are deeply touching my soul and question my own place in this world.