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When Art Inspires Art!! Kimm Starr, amazing Animesh creator was inspired by our world, AI Dreams in Art, especially our Gothic gallery, and gifted us, 2 amazing Goth Animesh, male and female...We are offering them too, as gifts on our world. She says," This Animesh was inspired by the AI art created by Dale Innis & the world in which it is shown built by Karima Hoisan. I was incredibly inspired after visiting their Art Installation and hope you were too!" Kimm Star is creator of Virtual Vignette Animesh, available on the Kitely Market. Take a peek here and come see the whole gallery for yourselves! Thank you Kimm! You are just amazing!
PS For any who had a problem taking the Goth Girl home ...she has been fixed and is now fully Export!! Thanks to HG Georgina Mills for pointing out the problem to me!