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THE JOYS OF DREAMGRID. DreamGrid is a software by Fred Beckheusen that makes it super easy to set up your own grid on windows. Having your own grid means that you can back up your lands at a whim, or on a schedule you set. You also have the power to back up your own inventory. Why is this important? When a grid is down for maintenance you are at the mercy of other people relying on their timeline to get the grid back up and running. Having your own grid also lets you control your own npc's, and gives you vast amounts of power that you don't have if someone else is in charge. If you have a problem with a person you can block their entire grid, or just that person if you don't like them. You can create and control tides, and automate birds flying in the air. Another super cool feature dreamgrid has, is that it lets you just start up the regions people are in, or going to. This means you can have 500 different lands, but if only 10 people are on your grid, then only up to 10 would be active. So basically as people teleport around your 500 lands, only the lands they teleport to instantly load for them to enjoy. This gives you a vast amount of options. DreamGrid even comes with hundreds of ready-made lands you can click and install and instantly enjoy. It also means that you can run hundreds of regions on a small not very powerful computer at your home, as only the active regions people teleport to will be running.
DreamGrid has so many many options and features, to many to mention... That you don't have access to or even dream about if you are a member of someone elses grid. It's easy to run. Now of course there will be some people who have difficulty starting a program or are just technically dumb who will complain about dreamgrid, but these people really shouldn't be allowed near a computer in the first place. DreamGrid is dead simple to operate and has features such as auto restart a crashed region, auto restart all regions at a certain time similiar to secondLife's rolling restarts, and of course the ability to backup all your hard work and your precious inventory at a moments notice. Put it on an external drive and you will never again lose all your data. So give DreamGrid a try! It really is a work of art that deserves praise and recognition.