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DJ PADDY @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 7 hours ago [12 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Second event for Paddy after her brill debut last week

We are mad to hear our Pad
She's no fad and we are glad
We love the beats she play
What else can we say?

Hear another session of Paddy's amazing mixes
Down at Stark Party Islands tonight

In own matter:
It's Niki & Mathilda's first anniversary.
We would love it if you could join us at Stark Islands conservatory to celebrate the milestone with us.
DJ Paddy will be powering the music and there will be FUN!

Where's Wolf? Somewhere in our 2048 sims 128 4x4 regions of mountains, rivers, cities, towns.

The current issue of Stark Magazine is another wonderful piece of work by our talented photographer Nice Minik. Strong photos in black and white are based on the theme of the cinema genre "Film Noir".

Pick up your copy of this ornate edition directly from the Stark landing point, or take the entire vendors with you.

#spring #summer #arkhamgrid
Kingman Furniture Design

I am probably gonna start a huge fire ... bring it on, haters, I am Penny, yah, redhead.. very mean parents.. another story... I am so tired of people picking on my stuff... LOOK !!! I share stuff from other grids... don't bark at me for it's content...really, the AV has nipples, like get a life... I supply avatars, how they are used, is not on me... like what?.. you need the VR your grid's TOS... I pay attention to mine,,, if that is not good enough, then.. stay away from me and my SIM more drama, I will not tolerate anything from fakers and prudes. Get a life and get lost !!!
SKATE PARTY with DJ TERRA @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: yesterday [11 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Wow! Terra leads us this evening on a roller skate jamboree (more likely a massacre as we trip over each other heheheheh) twirling round the dance floor.
Most will probably end up as shark food!!!
Come to the techno dance livemix.
Have fun with a great DJ and great company and music.

Join us for Littlefield Grid's 8th Anniversary!!

3PM PDT - Terry Wildman - LIVE

4PM PDT - DJ Dance Party - DJ Essensual McMahon

7PM PDT - The Anniversary!

8PM PDT - Dance Party - DJ Walter Balazic

DJ Jeff Edwards
Where: Captiva
When: in 23 hours [13 Apr 2021 18:00 SLT]

Jeff Edwards: Pssst. While you weren't looking, DJ Jeff Edwards snuck into Jaxx's Club and is planning to take over the microphone from 6 to 8pm tonight. Come on out and enjoy an anything goes night music wise. He will also take requests. Your taxi awaits.

we have a Bom Full Ava :-)
For Free

NOTE: As of 4/9/21 Gloebit has been down for 4 days, which means your gloebit balance will show as $0 and transactions at the store will fail. I'll post an update when it comes back online.

This is the 4th outage in less than a year and it's always an issue with Amazon Web Services according to the Gloebit Facebook page. After that many issues you would think they would have made some changes.
DJ ROSA @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 2 days ago [10 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Well who would believe yet another week rolls by!!!
But it brings the wonderful Rosa back to Stark for her Saturday gig which will be amazingly awesome as always.
Our Brazillian beauty wows us week in week out.
Come on over to the Stark side and be wiwed with us, all welcome!!!!

GLAM METAL with DJ Mattie @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 3 days ago [9 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Mattie is back in her glitteriest highest boots and her most flambuoyant frock for a wonderfully camp glam metal evening.
Come along to Stark to stomp your feet and shine in the evening light with your glittery costumes.

Be a part of the fun, we would love to see you here!

Join us for a totally unique show! Cat's favorite Dark Fantasy music in a custom fantasy castle :) What do your fantasies look like? (AMV Tag Line) - We're about to find out! Masks of all styles provided, get yours on before anyone sees who you are :) Have fun with costumes folks! AMV is the Place To Be!

Whispering Oaks Cabins Dance Event
Where: Whispering Oaks Events
When: 4 days ago [8 Apr 2021 17:00 SLT]

Today at 5 grid time: Whispering Oaks Cabins Dance Event
Dj Savvy, Dj Noobs, Dj Kris.. until close.

Clan & The Band at Whispering Oaks Events
Where: Whispering Oaks Events
When: 4 days ago [8 Apr 2021 15:00 SLT]

Avast, me hearties! Clan Escotia and The Band will be at Whispering Oaks Events,
Tomorrow at 3 Pm Grid-Time, With the new Pirate Stage!

the casino is down until Gloebits can be fixed, sorry for the inconvenience

Awww sh*t!

Virgon is now part of the Caprica Hypergrid
Thank you very much to the Neverwold administration for the hospitality. We really appreciate it. Those were good times. Links and TP's to your regions will always be in the our regions, as friends. Thanks.
DJ ANAGUMA @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 4 days ago [8 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

It’s DJ Anaguma’s horny little devil show

We gonna party all night
And we dress for a fright
Bring horns or a tail
And wings never fail
Euro beat J-core, pony core, trance, happy hard core,
Everydevil it’s a party

Virtual Discovery Tour ,Mardi 6 avril 2021
RDV à 21h00 (heure de paris) à l'accueil de Virtual Dream ,nous partirons pour une visite et une chasse aux œufs de Paques sur la Région Crazy Easter de Ange Menges et nani ferguson !!
Historique de la région :
La région CrazyEaster a été mis en ligne pour la première fois sur Osgrid en avril 2015 dans le cadre des Sims Ephémères de Nani . Le fait qu'elle soit destinée à l'origine à un public anglophone explique l'utilisation de l'anglais.
Le thème principal est celui d'Alice au pays des merveilles transposé dans un monde onirique cauchemardesque . La région comprend deux espaces :
- le sol ou l'on retrouve les principaux personnages du roman transposés dans un monde d'horreur
- le ciel avec un entrelac de parcours de style steampunk qui semblent ne jamais se terminer
La région comporte 2 jeux :
- un jeu de quête ou il faut trouver 10 œufs cachés sur toute la surface de la sim (au sol et dans la partie aérienne)
- un jeu de petits chevaux pour 1 à 4 joueurs
Cette région nous a demandé plus de 3 mois de travail.
Lien de la vidéo de présentation :

Joao and Lucky Dual Stream has started

Where: Stark
When: 5 days ago [7 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Tal-Tal-Tal-Talista Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
It's Wedensday again and so super live turntable house trance mix day.
Come along to the party isles to enjoy the one track non stop rythm of the man himself, DJ Talista.
What an evening is in prospect so git yourselves along to join in!!!!

The newest Addition to Rayvn's Roost is Builder's Paradise

Builder's Paradise has everything you need for a nice build, Wall sets, window sets, door sets, Columns, exterior trims, interior trims and more. This is a large 2 story building. the second floor will be host to textures for use throughout your builds that include 100+ hand made texture sets.

Live at the pier Cuddles Ogrady 4-5pm followed by DJ Steve (70s)

Rogue Galaxy will show you what it's like to sing the top songs from all generations. From Country to Rock and Blues. She has a unique way of singing and presenting the top songs.

DJ HENK @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 6 days ago [6 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

DJ Henk not only comes back to Stark for his regular Tuesday slot, he also goes back, way back in time, to the 60s for a stonking brilliant reminisce set and there will be plenty of singing along, plenty boogeying, plenty humour as ever at Stark. Join us!!!!!!

At one corner of Manzil Mansour is the Isle of the Dead - the way the Muslim Leaders deal with their subjects - you have been warned.

Stark Islands welcomes DJ PADDY
Where: Stark
When: 7 days ago [5 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Debut day for our newest DJ Paddy
It's gonna be cool
Cos Paddy's no fool
She mix up a treat
Just come hear the beat

Be here on Stark tonight
for our very own... DJ PADDDYYYYYYYY


We are happy for the good reception that our store has, we appreciate all the visits of all the people who have passed through there and their good words and congratulations.
Thank you all very much.
ps: don't forget your like to the region :)

Corcyrus im Aufbau!
Ganz langsam wächst die Stadt.

Welcome, venez gehen

Wir tun es wieder ....
Rockabilly im Soul Grid...
Egal ob im Petticoat oder ohne...
Wir lassen die Ostereier fliegen !!!

80s Night with DJ TERRA @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 8 days ago [4 Apr 2021 12:00 SLT]

Easter Sunday and that Easter bunny Terra returns to Stark to mesmerise us with his non stop minimalist trance music set.
The sounds are non stop, the sounds are a strong driving beat.
Come to the islands of Stark to have a great party this Easter.